Remembrance Day.

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Remembrance Day: Knitted by Heather. Limited edition. 1,000.

Remembrance Day. It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we wrote the story of Private Evan Davies. In a year’s time, maybe we will say the same thing again. For some, the years pass and the memories fade. For others, they are as fresh as the day they were encapsulated in time….

The Wall.

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The Wall: “Mission” speaker in the background. Chaps of a certain age will understand.

The Wall. This, in Laurel Cottage, is a love affair in three pictures. Most people’s favourite picture is of Diddley and Bobby at the Shredded Wheat factory. So, we are pleased to present to you the three pictures on The Wall.

The Great Dorset Steam Fair.

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Great Dorset Steam Fair: Watching the show.

The Great Dorset Steam Fair. Bobby had stretched out our hospital adventure to a whole week, centred on the Travelodge at Ilminster. In doing so, he could hardly avoid the signs to the Great Dorset Steam Fair (GDSF) for the following few days.

From a Railway Carriage.

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From a Railway Carriage: Southern Railway S15 Class no 847.

From a Railway Carriage. This little boy, enjoying the view from a railway carriage, is the future. Diddley never knew him but he will know all about her in the fullness of time. For this is Jay, her great grandson. Son to Jasmine and Jay (senior).

Over the Hills and Far Away.

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Over the hills and Far Away: Owwwww!

Over the Hills and Far Away. Diddley hated violence of any kind. She would never watch a nasty film or TV programme even potentially violent. Emmerdale was her limit! So how come she watched every episode of “Sharpe”? A series of true violence, based on the Napoleonic wars. Each week awash with death and destruction…

The Speed Awareness Course.

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Speed Awareness Course: I stayed in the car park!

The Speed Awareness Course. We knew we were going on this Speed Awareness Course. Of course! We wanted to avoid another three points. But Bobby was nervous about taking me in. And didn’t and discovered that even not switching your mobile phone completely off would lead to you being chucked out and the original three…

A Night for Lonnie Donegan.

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Lonnie Donegan: Bobby's prize possession.

A Night for Lonnie Donegan (And Cheers Chas). Ask anyone of a certain age what they remember about Lonnie Donegan and they might well answer… “My Old Man’s a Dustman”.

Dunsborough Park – Dahlia Day.

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Dunsborough Park – Dahlia Day. Dear friends of Mindfully Bertie. We have often shared our love of gardens and flowers with you. And then, just a few weeks ago, we were honoured when the the National Garden Scheme (NGS) asked us to write a piece for their Gardens and Health Week . “Bobby’s Story” is…

I Woz There!

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I Woz There! Just imagine if you were one of those who woke up this morning and thought “I could go to the Oval today” … and did! Those were the words of Mark Nicholas. Cricket commentator for Cricket on Five. The highlights television programme for the Bobby’s of this world who stick to normal…

The Operation.

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The Operation: Eamonn.

“Hello there! Top o’ the morning, even if it’s the feckin afternoon. Eamonn here. Bertie has asked me to write this story as it’s far too painful for him. The story of his Operation. Oy was tere and saw the whole thing. Its a tale of DISMEMBERMENT. Of DISEMBOWELMENT. Without anaesthetic. And not for the…

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