A Very Special Night Indeed

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Special Night Back in April, Bobby had been to his lunchtime Al-Anon meeting in Islington. The sun shone and he caught a 205 bus to pursue further peace and serenity in the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Intending to turn his phone off, it bleeped nevertheless. The Bobbys of this world are compelled to look, of…

Flowers on the Coastpath

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🌸Fl🌸wers 🌸n t🌸e c🌸stp🌸th🌸 🌸 Out damned spot I say. One two Why then is time to do’t. Hell is murky

Brooklands Bertie at Brooklands Bus Rally

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Brooklands Bertie Bertie: “Well, Brooklands Bertie, you really surprised us. Here at Mindfully Bertie we have the main bears. Me, Trevor and Eamonn. We all write stories. On the front room couch are the soft toy bears that Bobby has bought in moments of weakness at special events. Destined to languish on the couch forever….

Dorking Running Day

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In 1933, the London Passenger Transport Board was formed. Part of its responsibility was the Country Bus and Coach Department, which took charge of the country area and Greenline coach operations. In the next few years, a vast network was established. Many new country bus garages built.

The Glory of the Garden

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The Garden “Well, Bobby. This is our first weekend without football for months. We are off to Wembley next weekend, but today we had a committee meeting and a party in London. Both cancelled due to Covid. The weather is forecast to be glorious. Why don’t we go somewhere beautiful. Somewhere to lift our spirits….

From Gander Green Lane to Wembley

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From Gander Green Lane to Wembley we came. 15,000 to support Sutton United. The minnows of the Football League. The culmination of a fairytale story of two year’s success against all the odds. Win or lose, didn’t matter. We were playing at Wembley for the first time in 41 years. Back then, as a non…

April is Stress Awareness Month

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Stress Awareness Bertie: “So, you have taken on a new job Bobby! Is that wise, given your history of anxiety (GAD)?”

Dennis the Menace or Dan Dare

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Dennis the Menace or Dan Dare Bobby has been both, in other people’s imagination. I am only telling you this because his own imagination went AWOL at Somerset House the other week. Suddenly he was twelve again. Living in the comic world of the 1950s. A time of rivalry between numerous publications and who read…

“Let’s do it!”

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“Let’s do it!”

Peace One Day

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Peace One Day

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