Walking to Wintershall.

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Wintershall Manor: Walking down to the chapel.

Walking to Wintershall. We walked to Wintershall on 23rd August 2017. Exactly two years since we lost Diddley. It is one of those places that we can talk about, but none of those involved over the years are here to talk about it now. The memories are Bobby’s alone. The National Garden Scheme (NGS). To…

The Wonderful Great Little Trains of Wales.

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Great Little Trains of Wales: How many more bleedin trains?

The Great Little Trains of Wales. The Great Little Trains of Wales are simply wonderful. They are everybody’s childhood dream of what a toy railway should be. They are Thomas the Tank Engine in miniature. They mostly have fascinating histories of bygone days, when the original purpose was quite different to now. Some are born…

A Tale of Gigrin Farm, Radnorshire.

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Gigrin Farm 1966.

Gigrin Farm, Radnorshire. One day in June 1966, a young lad of 22 got married. A few weeks later he set off on a big adventure. His honeymoon to a far off land. In his even younger days, all his adventures had mostly been by bicycle. Youth Hostelling round the south east of England and…

Skokholm Island. A Welsh Trilogy. Part 3: Kenny, Birdringer.

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Kenny Birdringer: Relaxing together.

Kenny: Birdringer. We arrived at Martin’s Haven on Tuesday. A group grabbed Bobby’s heavy gear and carried it up the steps to the boat. We knew we were with friends for a week. On this, the finale of our trilogy, we talk to Kenny Birdringer. OK, that’s not his real surname, but it has a…

Skokholm Island. A Welsh Trilogy. Part 2: Kate Strudwick, Musician.

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Kate Strudwick: Me Reading Robert Lockley's Books.

Kate Strudwick: Composer, Writer, Musician. Bobby has met all sorts of people on the islands. Richard Brown (Warden) told him last year that ornithologists are only one group. There are artists, photographers and people like a Bobby who loves wild, free places that have an element of safe passage about them. But, in all those…

Skokholm Island. A Welsh trilogy. Part 1: Giselle Eagle, Ornithologist.

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Giselle Eagle: Giselle and Bertie.

Giselle Eagle: Ornithologist. Just over a year ago, the very first blog posted for Mindfully Bertie was entitled “Dream Island”. A story about a beautiful island off the Welsh coast, and Bobby’s love affair with Pembrokeshire and its islands. A year later, we are back to start a Welsh season for Mindfully Bertie. Commencing with…

An Outbreak of Common Sense.

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Outbreak of Common Sense: Hernia Nurse.

Bobby & a day of Common Sense. Friday: Bertie: “Gordon Bennett Bobby! Are we really going to Flying Legends on Saturday and the Watercress Line Gala on Sunday. In a heatwave? Have you no common sense?” Bobby: “You’re not invited to Flying Legends. You’ve been before, and it’s too hot to cart you around.” Bertie:…

The Story of Bobby Ballcock.

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Bobby Ballcock: Austrian Unrinals!

Bobby Ballcock. I did warn you that revelations would be made as to where Bobby’s alter ego came from. The opportunity to tell you has arisen from a succession of circumstances.

Lighting a Tribute Candle to Diddley.

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Tribute to Diddley. Dear friends of Bobby and Diddley. Some old. Some new. Some who never even knew her outside of this blog. The 23rd August will always be a date that Bobby and others will never forget. In 2015 it was the saddest news of all that we had lost her. Now in 2017…

I Don’t Believe It – Brighton Station!

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Brighton: Pride in our Police Force.

Brighton. I don’t believe it! Bobby and I went to Brighton. By train. Given that this is Southern Rail, a certain amount of optimism is needed. Or blind faith. As we approached  the station, a posh woman on the train intercom announced we were arriving at Gatwick Airport. We all laughed and acknowledged that Southern…

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