Can You Hear Me Now?

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There was a time when we rode on trains. Travelled to Farringdon on Thameslink. Looked out the window mindfully into people’s private lives. Compared how green some people’s lawns were. Wondered at the impressive history of Farringdon Station. Walked through Clerkenwell to Islington.

War Baby.

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“Bobby was a War Baby. That’s why his ears stick out.” So said his Mum Dorothy many times over her lifetime with Bobby. She rarely mentioned the war at all otherwise. Nor did Sid. His Dad. This soul searching all started with an interesting post on Sutton and Cheam History Group. Bobby always intended to…


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Bertie: “Cor blimey Bobby, this pandemic seems to be going on forever. ‘Abnormal’ is becoming the norm. At the beginning of the first lockdown, we were immediately conscious of time on our hands. Time for us at Mindfully Bertie (Technical Director Tim might disagree) and time for many of our readers.”

Ashes to Ashes

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It was the 15 February 1999. The light was starting to fade across the Severn Estuary. A middle aged couple were sitting alone in a bird hide at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge in Gloucestershire. Watching the scene developing in front of them as wild Ducks, Geese and Swans descended upon the lake…


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Bobby’s interest in birds started in Ridge Road Library, North Cheam. One miserable winter, he caught flu quite badly and was off school for a while. Once he started to recover, he revelled in this little, long since gone library. One day he borrowed ‘The Birds of London’. He was amazed by the revelations in…

Bobby’s Big Garden Birdwatch… Mindfully

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Garden Birdwatch Each year, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) organises the Big Garden Birdwatch. Always the last weekend in January, we take part and send our results to the RSPB on their dedicated website. A few months later they publish the results. A lot of the 2020 story is covered in…

Wendy’s Jumper

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Bertie: “Corrr blimey. It’s bleedin taters Bobby!” Bobby: “I know, Bertie. But at least you have a fur coat.”

We all have one.

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This week we are delighted to welcome back our visiting contributor Andrew with a short story about life. We all have one!

Let’s Have a Party

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Seventy Seven Sunset Strip

Johnny Haynes: Captain of Fulham and England

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Johnny Haynes Bobby: “I am a writer. Good, bad, indifferent, rubbish, eloquent. I write and am, therefore, a writer. When I see other writing that inspires me, I don’t think ‘I wish I could write like that’ because maybe I already do.

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