Queen Mary’s Rose Garden.

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Queen Mary's Rose Garden - Lighting a candle to Diddley. A Shropshire lad.

Queen Mary’s Rose Garden. Regent’s Park, London. Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in Regents Park is a world-famous garden named after the wife of King George V. In 1932, when Queen Mary’s Gardens opened to the general public, the first superintendent planted a rose garden, which was completed in 1934. Gloire de Dijon When she rises…


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Cuckoo.  “Cuckoo, cuck-ooh, cuck-oooh…” Was Bobby half asleep? Maybe he was a little “cuckoo” himself! The days of waiting for the first “cuc … koo”, to confirm that summer really was here, seemed a distant memory. Hearing that evocative, unmistakable call again would be wonderful. Especially from his cosy bed at Laurel Cottage. The…

Rob and the 840 to Whitby.

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840 to Whitby: Goathland. Just a gift shop for "Heartbeat” fans.

Rob and the 840 to Whitby. This Is Rob: This is the 840 to Whitby: Rob is nice. Bobby can be nice, but needs to try harder. They first met as skinny teenagers in the halcyon days of their ‘careers’ at the Legal and General Assurance Society in 1965. Both were christened Robert in the…

Halcyon Days.

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Halcyon Days: Swingchair.

Halcyon Days. Do you have a favourite word? Mine is serendipity. If I can remember how to spell it! Bobby has a favourite word too. Halcyon. A word that always uplifts his spirits. The halcyon days of youth maybe. Or of summer. Or maybe autumn. In the countryside and in life. But for him the…

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