Queen Mary’s Rose Garden.

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Queen Mary's Rose Garden - Lighting a candle to Diddley. A Shropshire lad.

Queen Mary’s Rose Garden. Regent’s Park, London. Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in Regents Park is a world-famous garden named after the wife of King George V. In 1932, when Queen Mary’s Gardens opened to the general public, the first superintendent planted a rose garden, which was completed in 1934.


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Cuckoo.  “Cuckoo, cuck-ooh, cuck-oooh…” Was Bobby half asleep? Maybe he was a little “cuckoo” himself! The days of waiting for the first “cuc … koo”, to confirm that summer really was here, seemed a distant memory. Hearing that evocative, unmistakable call again would be wonderful. Especially from his cosy bed at Laurel Cottage. The…

Rob and the 840 to Whitby.

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840 to Whitby: Goathland. Just a gift shop for "Heartbeat” fans.

Rob and the 840 to Whitby. This Is Rob: This is the 840 to Whitby: Rob is nice. Bobby can be nice, but needs to try harder.

Halcyon Days.

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Halcyon Days: Swingchair.

Halcyon Days. Do you have a favourite word? Mine is serendipity. If I can remember how to spell it! Bobby has a favourite word too. Halcyon. A word that always uplifts his spirits. The halcyon days of youth maybe. Or of summer. Or maybe autumn. In the countryside and in life. But for him the…