Another Perfect Day

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Perfect Day Today is a “Perfect Day” announced the presenter on Classic FM. It seems that nowadays every day is a special day. From Winnie the Pooh Day to National Cream Tea Day, the list is endless. But on Tuesday the 28 June 2022 it was a “Perfect Day”. Because 28 and 6 are “perfect…

Solly Sunflower

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Solly Sunflower grew up in the Cotswolds. She came to live in Surrey and had many friends in the beautiful village of Brockham. Times changed and she moved away. Eventually meeting and marrying Bobby Ballcock. “Solly” was consigned to history and she became “Diddley” in a wonderful new life.


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Our family is deeply saddened to inform you that our lovely Dad, Father-in-law and Grandad, Bob Ball (Bobby Ballcock), passed away on Tuesday, 16 August 2022. It was unexpected. as he had been so full of life to the end, and we are all in shock.


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Ellen Ellen: “I am only a little bear. I have only written one story. And then only the middle story of three in this blog.

A Summer Collection

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A Summer Collection – Virginia’s Poem: The GA’s Walk: The Stick: From the Train Window Virginia’s Poem Virginia: “I thought a silly poem might bring the hint of a smile. I wrote it to try to cheer people up as the news continues to be so downbeat and generally depressing.” Bertie: “Cheered us up, Virginia!”