Bobby’s interest in birds started in Ridge Road Library, North Cheam. One miserable winter, he caught flu quite badly and was off school for a while. Once he started to recover, he revelled in this little, long since gone library. One day he borrowed ‘The Birds of London’. He was amazed by the revelations in…

Dream Island 2020

Richard and Giselle, our friends and wardens of Dream (Skokholm) Island, arrived for the 2020 season on 16 March. They finally left on 7 December. Each day there, Richard wrote an inspiring blog. Not just about the birds and the sea creatures, but also the scenery, the weather and life on an island in an…

Mindfully Arundel

Bertie: “Bobby… Why are you cleaning the bathroom at three in the morning?” Bobby: “And the downstairs loo!” Bertie: “Why?” Bobby: “Can’t sleep…” Bertie: “You told me you had had a wonderfully relaxing afternoon at Arundel. So why were you going through those boxes of memorabilia at midnight?”

When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano.

They left Huntingdon Beach (Surf City USA) on a glorious morning to drive south down the Pacific Coast Highway. It was the last day of a week exploring the California Coast in the middle of a three week holiday with friends Dave and Mar. Old schoolfriends of Diddley’s, who had settled in California years before….

It’s a Beautiful World. Sand Martins and Serenity.

It’s a Beautiful World… The Purple Martin.

The Purple Martin. Some of our readers live a long way away. One such is Janis. Sister of our friend Rob. An English Rose, living with her husband in Arizona, US. Whilst retaining a love of the Surrey Hills, she embraces the wonders of American wildlife and, now and again, is able to share with…

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 7: The Watercress Walk

The Watercress Walk. Everyone is affected by the pandemic. Some far worse than others. Many have had to change their lives completely. Find new ways of enjoying themselves. Keeping sane and, most importantly, keeping fit. One thing we have done here at Mindfully Bertie is share our love of the beautiful world in this series…

A Letter from Skokholm

Bertie: “Stop it Bobby! It’s going to your bleedin’ ‘ead!”


August is a month of anniversaries. Some happy. Some sad. All unforgettable. We have named our first anniversary “Puffin“.

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 5: Westcott to Denbies Hillside.

Number 5: Westcott to Denbies Hillside. This is a short walk full of interest. The road section up Hole Hill has very few cars. Please note that beyond the cattle grid onto National Trust land is a private road. No entry to vehicles. It’s worth noting that for all these Covid-19 walks we describe the…

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