Storm Petrel: A Magical Night on Dream Island

Posted on 29/09/2019 By

Storm Petrel. Many of the day visitors to Skomer Island will one day consider staying overnight. They hear about one of wildlife’s true spectacles and want to come back and see it for themselves. I am, of course, talking about the world’s largest colony of Manx Shearwaters that only come to the island after dark….

Eamonn goes to Skokholm Island.

Posted on 23/09/2019 By

Eamonn goes to Skokholm Island. Dear Friends This is the second of two stories I asked Eamonn to write for us in recognition of him taking my place in paradise. The island was so memorable for him that the story is in two parts. The second a magical night time adventure will be posted next…

Eamonn goes to Skomer.

Posted on 15/09/2019 By

Eamonn goes to Skomer. Bertie: “Corrrr- I dunno. Just before we came to Wales, a friend of Bobby’s asked what has happened to the Irish bear. Well, we had to admit, not much.” Trevor has found his niche. Betty Boop is a little inflexible, but will get her chance. But Eamonn? Dunno. “Tell you what”,…

Diary of a Heart Attack.

Posted on 18/08/2019 By

A Very Serious Event: Diary of a Heart Attack. Bertie: “Can you see over there across the bay, Eamonn? That’s Skomer Island.” Eamonn: “Ahh, Bertie. Oi would love to go tere.” Bertie: “Well, Eamonn. When you came to us from Alice’s Bear Hospital, we did promise you adventures. How would like to take my place…

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