Railway Children 2021

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Railway Children Logo: Fighting for Street Children

Railway Children 2021

Dear Friends of Mindfully Bertie. Each year we post an extra story about our chosen charity. Railway Children. We hope you will read last year’s and the charity’s website this year and contribute if you feel able to do so.

From the Railway Children website. Click link above.

From the Railway Children website. Click link above.

Christmas Cards

Bobby loves the Christmas cards of Railway Children. If you are lucky enough to be on his list, you will certainly get one. You might even consider buying some for yourself. Here’s a few examples:

Bertie sat on a chair surrounded by Railway Children cards.

This could include a card for you. Maybe…
(Better start writing them then!)

Black steam engine pulling a freight train over a viaduct in s snowy scene.

Front view of a steam engine pulling a long frieght train in a snowy scene.

46236 "City of Bradford" pulling the Royal Scot in a night-time scene.

6232 "Duchess of Montrose" pulling a red passenger train in the snow.

4082 "Windsor Castle" pulling a passemger train in the snow.

Lighting a Candle for Diddley


The inside of a Railway Children card signed "Merry Christmas to all our Readers, with a candle lit for Diddley.

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