Walking from St George’s.

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Walking from St George’s.

Pt 2 of a trilogy.

Blue plaque stating "Adolf Hitler b 20.04.1889 d 30.04.1945 Lived here 1941".

See later…

For over four months we travelled twice a week to St George’s Hospital in Tooting. 32 times maybe. Many incorporated the previous walk to or from Morden Hall Park. Tuesdays always start at Al-Anon in Islington and then the Northern line from the Angel to Tooting Broadway. On just one occasion Bobby bought a ticket for an evening Concert by Candlelight in St Martins In the Fields .

On that afternoon, he decided to walk back from St Georges along Tooting High Street northwards towards central London for aerobic exercises. Knowing that he was following the line of the Northern line below the street and could declare when he got tired and get the tube into Charing Cross for the concert.

Walking north, passing Tooting Broadway station. Past shops from all over the world.

Drawing of Tooting Broadway station.

Tooting Broadway station.

Wonderful signpost light at Tooting Broadway.

Wonderful signpost light at Tooting Broadway.

On and on, past Tooting Bec station. Would he get to Balham? Well, not quite…

Bertie posing in front of Tooting Bec station.

Tooting Bec station.

Within sight of the station, he was suddenly overwhelmed by tiredness and hunger. But there, like an oasis was the “Parade Fish Bar”. Sadly out of bounds to Bobby in his desire to get thinner. Until an outbreak of common sense and medical need overcame his desire and his legs took him in, even if his mind was in turmoil! Giant battered sausage and chips. Fizzy drink was like elixir. He could always eat melon tomorrow.

Exterior of the Parade FIsh Bar.

Yummy yummy. Battered sausage and chips.

Revived, we continued walking and he came shortly to Du Cane Court. The blue plaque above isn’t on the wall – but could have been, if you believe legend. A legend sufficiently believable to inspire a television programme and an entry in Wikipedia.

Basically Art Deco, built in 1937. The biggest set of privately owned flats in one building in Europe. Legend has it that it escaped bombing as it was earmarked to be the German HQ in London when they invaded this country.

Du Cane Court, London, from Balham High Road.

Illuminated gatepost sign "Du Cane Court".

Bertie in front of one of the entrances to Du Cane Court.

Du Cane Court.

That legend is stretched a bit when you come close by to the magnificent St Mary and St John the Divine and see the plaque on their wall. The Luftwaffe was either incredibly accurate or lucky. Something the church was not.

St Mary and St John the Divine, Balham.

St Mary and St John the Divine.

Memorial plaque on St Mary and St John the Divine wall referring to the renovations to the clock following bomb damage during the war.

Memorial plaque on St Mary and St John the Divine wall.

On and on we carried on walking. Past Balham station and declared at Clapham South station to get the train to Charing Cross. Tired, we breathed a sigh of relief to have a rest. Casually glancing at the posters opposite in the carriage. As you do. The classic underground map. An advert for the University of West London. Either side of them were two posters that made you think.

A break from our walking. Bertie poses outside Balham station.

Balham station.

Bertie posing outside Clapham South station.

Clapham South station.

Bertie sat on a bench at Clapham South station as a tube train approaches the platform.

“Here comes the train, Bobby!”

Advertising posters either side of the London Underground map.

Poster advertising for donations to Age UK.

Poem poster on an Underground train.

The posters on an underground train.

Lighting a Candle to Diddley

at the church of St Mary and St John the Divine in Balham.

The church in Balham was locked during the week so we went back for their carol service by candlelight. Only candles. Hundreds of them, apart from a Christmas tree with artificial light.

Candlelit Carol Service in St Mary & St John, Balham.

Bertie looking on as remembrance candles are lit.

Bertie sat in front of a metal stand with several candles lit in remembrance.

Bertie sat on a wall with the church of St Mary & St John behind.
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