Merry Christmas from Bertie

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Merry Christmas

Bertie sat in front of a decorated Christmas Tree, wearing a Santa Hat and his Sutton United Scarf.

I am settling well into my new home by the sea. Bobby left strict instructions that I should be looked after by his granddaughter, Giselle, who is ably assisted by her two inquisitive cats, Pebbles and Bo (short for Mr Bojangles).

I’m sad that Bobby can’t be with us at Christmas, but I will be surrounded by loving family and friends and will be raising a mug of Rhubarb Tea to Bob on Christmas Day.

I’m also very pleased that Bobby’s son, Andrew, is planning ‘A Walk for Bob’ in the Spring, in celebration of Bobby’s amazing life. More details to follow.

For now, lots of love at Christmas from me and my adopted family – Andrew, Marie, Giselle, Daisy and the crazy cats xx 🐾

Lighting a Candle for Bobby & Diddley

Three candles: 1 in a jar labelled "Grandad", another is a matching jar labelled "Dad" and a third in a holder with a Santa window cut into it against a much bigger candle in a glass jar with "Merry Little Christmas" etched on it.


  1. Felicity Drewett says:

    Dear Bertie
    I’m so glad you are settling in so well with the cats by the seaside. It’s wonderful to see a post from you. Rodders sends his kindest regards to everyone. He’s been very unwell but is on the mend. Happy Christmas to you all xxxx

  2. Bernard says:

    Dear Bertie,

    Great to hear from you and glad you are settling in well. Looking forward to your next adventure.

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