VE Day. 8 May 2020. The 75th Anniversary.

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VE Day.

Poster: VE Day 75

Photograph of VE Day parade with his characteristic V Sign.

VE Day Poster - four service people in silhoutte against aircraft hands raised with a V-sign.

The famous ’V’ sign so often attributable to Winston Churchill did in fact originate in occupied Belgium as a sign of defiance against the invaders. It was banned by the Germans, but still appeared everywhere you could scribble a V.

Our village had planned a street party and still had it socially isolated in our front gardens.

The South Holmwood Street Party. (Socially distanced).

Stay at Home Street Party poster.

Programme for VE Day celebrations.

Vera Lynn: We’ll meet again

So to our VE Day celebrations
Laurel Cottage. The bunting is not red, white and blue but instead rainbow coloured and suits the window.

Laurel Cottage. The bunting is not red, white and blue but instead rainbow coloured and suits the window.

Bertie outside Laurel Cottage (sitting on the fence) with Trevor and Eamonn sitting on a Bobby 2 behind.

Bertie sat on the fence by the Victorian curved herringbone pathway under the pergola at laurel Cottage.

Bertie sat on a table in the garden at Laurel Cottage alongside another bear in a pram with a Union Jack flag draped over him.

I like you.

D-Day Darlings: Pack up your troubles



Bertie sat on the fence looking at a delicious plate of Chocolate Brownies.

Chocolate brownies. Yummy!

Bertie on the fence with the decorated house across the road behind.

Vera Lynn: Bluebirds



Bertie sat on a table in the garden of Laurel Cottage, with a garden gnome.

What’s your name? “Gnome.” Very imaginative…

Bud Flanagan: Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler



Bertie sat on a white picket fence looking longingly at a table which has a glass of Pimms on it, along with some nibbles and a single red rose in a vase. And Bobby's glasses!


Bertie sat on a wall with a Welsh flag draped over it.

Croeso i’n plaid (welcome to our party).

Man dressed up as a soldier, with Bertie photobombing the picture!


It’s a Long Way to Tipperary



Bertie sat on one of the street party tables.

King and Queen… of the allotment.

Bertie sheltering from the sun under one of the tables.

Cor! Bleeding ‘ot.

Bertie sat on a car roof with Bunting of English Flags decorating the garden behind.


Bertie sat on a privet hedge alongside a poster of Winston Churchill with the words "Let us go forward together" on it.

Eamonn by the National Trust / St Mary Magdelen Church Holmwood noticeboard, with notices about the VE Day celebrations.

Good old Eamonn. VE Day thank you.

The Zillertal Band: Auf Wiedersehen


Bertie looking cheekily at a table with its sides folded up and red and white checker cloth on it.

Bertie now sat on the table which is now open. A spread of food, including a massive cake, in on it. Mike is also sat at the table.

A party for two. Mike and Bobby.

Mike and the cake he had made that morning. Very nice too. For a party made for two. Apart, that is, from what seemed like most of the village walking by… socially distanced.

Rev BSA filming with a camcorder. Bertie is sat on the corner of the table looking round at her.

Rev BSA filming.

Bertie in the foreground on his table. A dog walker with dog is passing and the dog is looking up as if after the cake.

I think he has seen Mike’s cake!

Vera Lynn: A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square


And to East Preston in Sussex… Here is Andrew’s family VE Day celebrations.

Andrew's family celebrating VE Day (without Andrew)

Andrew's family celebrating VE Day (with Andrew)

Lighting a Candle for Diddley

Bertie, Eamonn & Trevor in the window with a candle lit for Diddley.


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  1. Marie Ball says:

    It was a special day, wasn’t it? So lovely to spend time celebrating with other people in the sunshine socially distanced!

  2. katherine says:

    Great record of the day and the time…
    such lovely sunshine

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