A Day at the Acton London Transport Museum

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Not Bertie’s Day Bertie: “You promised me. You bleedin’ PROMISED me! You promised to take me to the Acton London Transport Museum.” Tim: “Yes, I know. I’m sorry. But it just didn’t work out. If I get to go again, then I’ll see if I can take you then. It was just unfortunate that Andrew…

Bob Ball

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Bob sadly and unexpectedly passed away on Tuesday 16 August 2022, aged 78. He was a much loved Great Grandad, Grandad and Dad.

Her Majesty the Queen

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It is with great sadness that we record the passing of Her Majesty the Queen this week. No doubt a day that will remain etched in everybody’s memory. We couldn’t let this momentous occasion go without our own tribute. So, thank you Ma’am for your 70 years of loyal service. You will be missed. There…


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Our family is deeply saddened to inform you that our lovely Dad, Father-in-law and Grandad, Bob Ball (Bobby Ballcock), passed away on Tuesday, 16 August 2022. It was unexpected. as he had been so full of life to the end, and we are all in shock.

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 4: West Park, Wolverhampton

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Bertie: “‘ere, Bobby. Tim, our Technical Director, says we can have this weekend off. He says he wants to show you that you are not the only one who can go out for a walk and take lots of photographs! Apparently there are green spaces even in somewhere they call the Black Country.”    …

Tim, the Technical Director.

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Technical Director: Tim

Technical Director. It may seem to be a bit pompous to have a Technical Director for something as trivial as a blog. But then, Bobby isn’t renowned for doing things normally. It also seems a bit wrong to be posting something so trivially amusing as this after last night’s events. So, please take a minute…

When Bertie is on His Holidays…

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Holidays: Holiday Madness Ahead!

Holidays! Bertie and Bobby are on their holidays, so they have foolishly handed the reigns over to me. Tim. The Technical Director!