Can it Kill You?

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“Can it kill you?” asked granddaughter Daisy. “Totally harmless, Daisy.” said grandad Bobby. “I picked it up and put it in the undergrowth to stop it being trodden on. It’s a BFG. Like me!”

Finding Serenity at Kingston upon Thames (Again)

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Kingston upon Thames Bertie: “NO! NO! NO! I’m not going. You must be bleedin mad!” Bobby: “You aren’t invited, Bertie. I am taking Trevor, to introduce him to Al-Anon and the Angel.”


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Back in 1985. The happy couple, as it was then, had an opportunity to borrow a motor caravan for a holiday. Modestly priced, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. And it was friends of ‘er indoors’ making the offer. Something the happy couple had never done before. North Wales. The Llyn Peninsular. What…

Spitalfields Secret Gardens with Eamonn

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Secret Gardens Bertie: “What a lovely garden, Eamonn.” Eamonn: “Ah! To be sure it was, Bertie. Tank you for suggesting I go to the open gardens. ‘Twas marvellous to be sure.”


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Sometimes we go on walking tours with Bob. Not that Bob. Another Bob.

Can’t be Easy

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Bertie: “It can’t be easy being you, Bobby. It’s hard enough just being your friend. A day of wonderful joy became a following day of huge muddle in your bonce.”

The Platinum Jubilee Thursday

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Platinum Thursday When Eliza Doolittle sat at the corner of the stage in a scene of old London and sang “Wouldn’t it be luvverly” Bobby knew it would be a wonderful show. That he had booked the cheapest ticket in the back row of the “gods”, not even knowing it was a very special day…

The Elizabeth Line

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You never took me Bertie: “You never took me!” Bobby: “Now look Bertie, I had no idea I was going to see the opening of the Elizabeth Line. I go to London every Tuesday for an Al-Anon meeting in Islington. This week I had arranged to meet Technical Director Tim on his canal boat. Hoping…

The Darling Buds of May at Laurel Cottage

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The man is the book; the book is the man. This incontestable truth, which I often repeat to myself, I claim to be as true of gardens as it is of authors and their books. As a man is, so is his garden. He is a reflection of it. And it of him. For this…

Lily of the Valley

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When Estelle (a mindfulness teacher friend of Bobby’s) gave Bobby that single stem of Lily of the Valley, she could never have imagined what memories she would unlock from his far off young days.

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