We Saved the Moondaisies!

Posted on 27/05/2020 By

We Saved the Moondaisies. “We” being all those people who contacted Surrey County Council Highways to express their dismay at the destruction of the wildflower verges on main roads last year. Individuals, local council officers and not forgetting Plantlife UK, whose roadside verge campaign has created a national impetus to stop needless mowing in May….

The Story of Eamonn’s New Scarf

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Eamonn’s New Scarf Bertie: “Bobby. We have been stuck at home for weeks now, but you seem quite happy. If someone asked you ‘where would you rather be today, anywhere in the world’, what would you say?”

A Letter to Myself

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A Letter to Myself These words are from Bobby. To himself. I was a helpless observer.

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 3: The Bluebell Walk

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Number 3: The Bluebell Walk Bertie: “Cor, I dunno! First of all he tells us he hated Holmwood Common. Then out of the blue (literally), he discovers he loves it. Writes a whole blog on it, that lots of people liked. Then he comes home and declares “That’s bleedin it. I‘m not going over there…

Two Hundred – Yes this the 200th story posted by Mindfully Bertie!

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Two Hundred. To celebrate, we have a short story for you. The Teddy Bears’ Picnic was due to be held on 8 May. As in previous years, we had been asked to write a story for the programme. By the time we did, the picnic was cancelled. Instead, they have a virtual Teddy Bears’ Picnic…

VE Day. 8 May 2020. The 75th Anniversary.

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VE Day. The famous ’V’ sign so often attributable to Winston Churchill did in fact originate in occupied Belgium as a sign of defiance against the invaders. It was banned by the Germans, but still appeared everywhere you could scribble a V.

The Rolls-Royce of Honey

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The Rolls-Royce of Honey   Luxury cars may not be your priority at the moment, but where are they made? Rolls-Royce Motor Cars are made at Goodwood, in a futuristic assembly plant surrounded by a large countryside estate. Andrew would like to tell you a little known fact about Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Over to you…

Goodbye Montana.

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Goodbye Montana We came to live in Laurel Cottage in 1999. Diddley already lived here. The house looked very different then.

Mattock Mike

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The Charitable Paths of Holmwood This week we are delighted to hand over our mid week blog to Mike next door. He may be the same age as Bobby, but has ten times his energy! A mattock is his chosen weapon. But first, a hefty sledgehammer. And all to raise money for his charity. St…

Tulips at Dunsborough Park

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Tulips Back in April 2015, Diddley showed Bobby an advert in the local newspaper for a “Tulip Festival”. It was at a garden he had not heard of. Dunsborough Park at Ripley. Not far from RHS Wisley Gardens. Just about this time, in April. They went and loved it. Particular the charity run garden tea….

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