Bobby and Bertie’s Big Birthday Bash.

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Big Birthday Bash: Friends for ever.

Bobby and Bertie’s Big Birthday Bash.

The Invitation

Big Birthday Bash:The Brighton i360.

Bobby and Bertie’s Big Birthday Bash.

You are only 75, three quarters of a century, once. Bobby’s Birthday is on Saturday 26 January and you lucky people are coming with us.

We have booked the 14.30 “flight” on 26 January. British Airways ask that we get there no later than 20 minutes before. Bobby, Bertie, Layla, Faith, Sonny and Kyla intend to get there about 13.30. We will meet Andrew, Giselle, Daisy-Mae, Cameron, Jasmine, Big Jay and Little Jay there.

Be there or be Square!
(Did we really say that in our young days?)

Big Birthday Bash: Wakey wakey (Billy Cotton).

Wakey Wakey (Billy Cotton).

Wake up Bobby. It’s your birthday. The big one. Tony Blackburn is on the Radio. Sounds of the Sixties. Playing a record especially for you…

It’s My Party by Lesley Gore

He was just twenty then. She just sixteen. He now 75, she RIP, Tony Blackburn 76 just two days later.

Big Birthday Bash - Leslie Gore, It's My Party.

Bobby: “Err, umm, err, what’s the bleedin time?”

Bertie: “Time you got up – and why are you wearing a cap in bed?”

Big Birthday Bash: Bobby in bed wearing his cap, with Bertie sat on the bedside table looking on.

Bobby: “Errr, well… number 3. I thought I would tart myself up at bit and cut me ‘air. In the dark. In the garden.”

Bertie: “Was that wise?”

Bobby: “Errr not really. My meagre haircutting is best in the garden, so that the cuttings blow away in the wind for the birds and no mess in the house. You don’t have to see, as it’s an all over zzzz… zzzz… zzzz… zzzz… until it becomes hmmm… hmmm… hmmm. All on number 12. After a short while, a large chunk of hair floated by in the gloom and a torch revealed the cutter was on number 3! I was half a skinhead and had no option but to go for an all over number 3 and keep my hat on.”

Bertie: “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Elvis is on Sounds of the Sixties.”

Bobby: “Have I ever told you about my favourite Elvis song – which is also my favourite song of all time? Not because it is particularly fantastic, but because of what it does to me emotionally. Not the words, but the intro. Always take me back to 1960. The Apex Youth Club, North Cheam. Take your own records, play table tennis, be intimidated by that strange species… girls. Club tea each month. Sunday service in the Methodist church next door if you wanted to go to the film show after?”

Bertie: “Yes. Loads of times. But just for you and, as it is your birthday, here it is once more. And then you must get up.”

Elvis. Girl of My Best Friend.

So that was the start. Eventually, we were off. With Faith from our village, picking up Sonny and Kyla from Dorking, to Seaford and collected Layla and a birthday cake from the lovely Sue and then onto Brighton then finally the truly awful Regency car park opposite the i360.

Leaving the pedestrian entrance, we walked into a squall. The rain lashed down and the wind nearly blew us over. It reminded Bobby of a similar day with Diddley, in virtually the same spot. She hated the wind blowing her hair out of place. Bobby just laughed at her discomfort and recorded it for posterity.

Big Birthday Bash: A windswept Diddley on Hove Seafront.

And there was Jasmine, Little Jay and Big Jay together with Andrew, Giselle, Daisy-Mae and Cameron. Marie had a meeting she couldn’t avoid. Her day will come in Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Just like an airport. Through the first barrier. Frisking and metal detection followed. All of us. Even two year old Jay. Then, into the exhibition and waiting area for our 14.30 “flight”.

A big deckchair and some organised British Airways photos to tempt you after.

The i360 was large and impressive as we rose slowly above Brighton. The rain had stopped and the sky cleared.

And the rest was all we had wanted. A one-off family occasion, bringing most of Bobby’s immediate family together for a special birthday. The photographs of our Big Birthday Bash follow:

Big Birthday Bash: Here it comes!

Here it comes!

Big Birthday Bash: Security.


Big Birthday Bash: Security.


Big Birthday Bash: Little Jay and me get a rest.

Little Jay and me get a rest.

Big Birthday Bash: The exhibition.

The exhibition.

Big Birthday Bash: The exhibition.

The exhibition.

Big Birthday Bash: Brighton Rock and Kyla.

Brighton Rock and Kyla.

Big Birthday Bash: Waiting...


Big Birthday Bash: Here it comes.

Here it comes.

Big Birthday Bash: Father and son.

Father and son.

Big Birthday Bash: Romantic ruin, or eyesore? Once the most impressive Victorian West Pier.

Romantic ruin, or eyesore? Once the most impressive Victorian West Pier.

Big Birthday Bash: Instagram? No. Brighton Rock.

Instagram? No. Brighton Rock.

Big Birthday Bash: Altitude graffiti.

Altitude graffiti.

Big Birthday Bash: Sisters. Jasmine and Layla.

Sisters. Jasmine and Layla.

Big Birthday Bash: Little Jay loved it.

Little Jay loved it.

Big Birthday Bash: Poseurs!


Big Birthday Bash: Balloon.

Big Birthday Bash: Oi… Where am I?

Oi… Where am I?
Back: Little Jay, Big Jay, Bobby, Bertie’s nose, Jasmine, Layla, Sonny, Andrew
Front: Kyla May, Faith, Daisy-Mae, Cameron, Giselle

Big Birthday Bash: Looking west.

Looking west.

Big Birthday Bash: Handful.


Big Birthday Bash: Friends for ever.

Friends for ever.

Big Birthday Bash: Bit of a grilling.

Bit of a grilling.

Big Birthday Bash: Looking east to the Palace Pier.

Looking east to the Palace Pier.

British Airways Souvenir of the day.

Big Birthday Bash: i360 Poster.

i360 Poster.

Big Birthday Bash: Information Poster about the West Pier.

The West Pier.

Big Birthday Bash: Souvenir Photo.

Souvenir Photo.

Big Birthday Bash: Souvenir Photo on board the British Airways i360.

Souvenir Photo on board the British Airways i360.

Big Birthday Bash: "Magic Memories".

“Magic Memories”.

So there you have it. Your own virtual place in Bobby’s Big Birthday Bash.

Thank you for the cards.

Thank you for your social media messages

Thank you for the presents, especially Her Majesty for the free TV licence.

Big Birthday Bash: Thank you your Majesty.

Thank you your Majesty.

Big Birthday Bash: Thank you Andrew.

Thank you Andrew.

Big Birthday Bash: Nice card Giselle.

Nice card Giselle.

And finally…

Happy Birthday from Kermit:

Lighting a Candle for Diddley.

Our dear friend and former colleague Trish has lit this week’s candle for Diddley. She was the first to hear the news of the forthcoming marriage at the office.

Big Birthday Bash: Lighting a candle for Diddley.

“I felt so happy when you told me about you and Di getting married. And could not have been more thrilled when you found someone to love and someone to love you.”

(If you would like to Light a Candle for Diddley, you are most welcome. All we need is a picture and a few words}
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  1. Chris Norman says:

    I was intrigued to see that British Airways Flight i360 was like a giant Doughnut sliding up and down a pole. As always good pictures.

    • Bertie says:

      Yes indeed a very big doughnut. Big investment. Time will tell but it will never replace the glorious West Pier. Once the best Victorian pier in Britain

  2. Hi Bertie –

    Glad to make your acquaintance. Your owner and my owner know each other. Hopefully we will meet soon.

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