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Watching the Vulcan take off at Farnborough, on that unforgettable day in 2010, we are reminded that there was another iconic, historic aircraft there that day. From the same aviation company. Avro. Where the Vulcan was largely a deterrent, apart from one foray all the way to the Falklands, the Lancaster earned its reputation in terrible war. Just think Dambusters.

Lancaster bomber in flight. Click on the picture for video.

(click on the picture)

Just two Lancasters are left flying in the world. One in England, one in Canada. The English one is treasured and cosseted as the centre piece of the Battle Of Britain Memorial flight. Like the Vulcan, you rarely saw either on the ground at air shows. They flew in and they flew out. At Farnborough in 2010 they were both on the ground. So here is the more sedate take-off of the Lancaster to the roar of four of the most famous British engines of all time. The Rolls Royce Merlin.


Lancaster take off (Click on the picture)

Lancaster take off. (Click on the picture)


Once airborne, she was joined by the Hurricane and Spitfire to form the memorial flypast. (Click on the picture)

Once airborne, she was joined by the Hurricane and Spitfire to form the memorial flypast. (Click on the picture)

Back on the ground at Farnborough.

Back on the ground at Farnborough.

At the Goodwood Revival

Lancaster in the air at the Goodwood Revival.

Lancaster in the air at the Goodwood Revival.


And finally, in 2014, the Canadian Lancaster was flown to England for a summer of air shows. On one memorable occasion being joined by the Vulcan.



Avro 504 in flight.

The Lancaster was Roy Chadwick’s most famous design. But his career started long before, in the First World War. Here is the Avro 504 which he partly designed. As the Chief Designer for Avro, we can tell you that the last design he was involved with was the Vulcan. A dream in 1946, just five years after the Lancaster’s first flight. You are invited to read the story of Roy Chadwick’s life written by his daughter.

AVRO Roy Chadwick. Avro's Great Designer. 1893-1947.

Lighting a Candle to Diddley

A model Concorde and a Candle Lit for Diddley.

It’s worth noting that the pilot and co pilot had ejector seats just like a fighter. The other four crew had to jump via the entrance door. Over the years there were a number of crashes. Quite a few where the pilots ejected and the crew were not so lucky. Including the one on its round the world introduction tour that crashed at Heathrow.

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  1. Chris Norman says:

    The last time I saw a Lancaster flying is etched in my mind because I was on a critical move climbing. Having just come out of the tunnel squeeze on Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis September 2009 I was placing gear to protect my next move and I heard the roar of merlin engines, not four but six! A brief glimpse up I witnessed not only a Lancaster passing over the summit of the Ben but an escort of a Spitfire and a Hurricane. Unfortunately I was in no position to photograph the event. It turned out the was an Airshow in the Highlands of Scotland the following day.

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