Another Sedentary Session.

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“Cotswold Choice” by Frank Mansell.

It seems we are having a short season of poetry. All from the dulcet tones of Bill Hicks. It’s not surprising given that the Strolling Chums all live near to where Diddley came from in the Cotswolds. You will remember that we have often told stories about her friendship with the poet Frank Mansell. Indeed, the second story ever written for Mindfully Bertie was ‘Frank Mansell‘. One of her favourite poems by him was read by a recording of Frank himself at her funeral. She had many stories about Frank. Who knows what were true or the result of her vivid imagination? She told us that all the places named in ‘Cotswold Choice’ were really the ladies that Frank felt unrequited about. ‘Slad’ in fact, she maintained, was her own mother Sarah! In the film that follows you will see views of Slad taken from Swifts Hill where we laid her ashes.

Another sedentary session: Cotswolds Choice by Frank Mansell (click on the picture for video).

Cotswolds Choice by Frank Mansell (click on the picture).

Order of service at the funeral.

Order of service at the funeral.

Lighting A Candle for Diddley.

Betty Boop, several candles lit for Diddley and the three flying ducks on the wall.

“Just you and me Bobby! And those goddamned ducks. Hope you like the music I have chosen for tonight’s relaxing candlelit bath.”

Nina Simone (click on the picture).

Nina Simone (click on the picture).

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