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A pair of Puffins.

The National newspapers have been full of the news that Puffins have come back from the ocean to the Welsh islands of Skokholm and Skomer in large numbers. As you knowm we are regular visitors to both and last stayed on Skokholm in August 2019. 2020 was abandoned and our booking carried forward to this year.

We are hoping to land on Dream Island (Skokholm) for a week in late August. The wardens, Richard and Giselle, are great friends and back on Skokholm currently on their own again living in the lighthouse. He continues his daily blog. There follows the blog for 22 March and how they achieved the count. But first. here is the article in the Daily Telegraph.

Puffins article in the Telegraph.

Puffins article in the Telegraph.
A Puffin's Head.

And here is Richard’s blog (scroll down to 22 March).

Richard's Puffins Blog

Richard's Puffins Blog

Richard's Puffins Blog

South and West Wales Wildlife Trust

Skokholm Annual Reports

And here’s some Puffins… again.

Mostly from his volunteering days on Skomer.

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Lighting a Candle for Diddley

When Bobby first stayed on Skomer Island he thought he had found paradise. He took a picture of “Kissing Puffins” that remained his favourite of all. Diddley made a large print and laminated it and here it is in the garden room. Taken in 1995. It has, of course, faded. But still has a place of honour representing the first time Bobby ever stayed on a wildlife island.

Bertie in front of Bobby's "Kissing Puffins" picture along with a candle lit for Diddley.

“Kissing Puffins”

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