A Morning with the National Trust Volunteers.

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A Morning with the National Trust Volunteers.

Landbarn Farm. National Trust Headquarters for Denbies Hillside. Set at the foot of the Hillside. Once the farm for the Victorian estate of Denbies. Now where the volunteers are based.

Landbarn Farm. NT Headquarters for Denbies Hillside. Set at the foot of the Hillside. Once the farm for the Victorian estate of Denbies. Now where the volunteers are based.


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Believe in Tomorrow Garden, Hampton Court Flower Festival.

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Believe in Tomorrow

“Believe in Tomorrow” Garden. Hampton Court Flower Festival.

Seonaid Royall’s garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Festival.

Bertie: “Bobby, I thought you ‘bleedin’ ‘ated’ the Hampton Court Flower Show!”

Bobby: “I do!”

Bertie: “So why are we going then?”

Bobby: “You’re not!”

Bertie: “Oh! Thanks.” (more…)

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Sometimes Always Never. Memories from a film.

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Sometimes Always Never.

Picture of a beach on a grey day. Several loan people standing dotted around in the distance. In the foreground, a man in a coat, satchel over his left shoulder, holding an umbrella in his left hand.

There is a “box” at Laurel Cottage. It has a lid. On the lid is the inscription…

“Bereavement”. (more…)


30506 (SR S15): Tony’s Engine.

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30506. Tony’s Engine.

Tony and 30506 …..1997 before withdrawal for rebuild.

Taken in 1997. Tony, in front of his locomotive before withdrawal for rebuild.


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A Midsummer’s Day in the Surrey Hills.

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Midsummer’s Day in the Surrey Hills.

A view across the Surrey Hills on a Midsummer's Day.

The Surrey Hills.

It’s Midsummer’s Day in the Surrey Hills. Not that Bobby would know. Listening to Robert Elms on Radio London, we will be lucky to see him vertical by lunchtime. (more…)


Belonging: 150 Stories from Mindfully Bertie.

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150 stories from Mindfully Bertie!

Yes dear, loyal friends, this is our 150th story. (Bobby prefers “story” to “blog”). Who could have thought that when we wrote the first one that we called a “preview”, we would still be going strong at 150? I should read that preview now… and see if we have kept our promises. Since it is 150, and Bobby has something special to get off his chest, the blog “belongs” to him this week and is all about:


Bobby sat on a groyne on Ferring Beach looking out to the horizon over the sea.

Seeking serenity at Ferring by Sea.



Guest Writer: Bernard Bruty, Inspired by Flowers.

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This week we are delighted to welcome back our visiting contributor Bernard Bruty. Remember “Ernie’s War“? Here he tells you about his mother’s passion.

Inspired by Flowers

This can mean so much in many ways. My mother Doris was no exception…

Head and shoulders photo of Bernard's mother, Doris Bruty.

Doris, 1948.


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The Secrets of Worthing Gardens.

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Worthing Gardens.

Ambrose Place Back Gardens.

Worthing Gardens - Ambrose Place Back Gardens Open Day Website.

Each year, the secret back gardens of Ambrose Place in Worthing are opened to the public in aid of the National Garden Scheme. The Yellow Book to many. Last year we went with Merrill and wrote a story about it, which never saw the light of day. So here it is. These gardens are open this year on Sunday 23 June. Details above. We will be there and maybe you? (more…)


Sitting on a Bench.

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Sitting on a Bench.

Sitting on a Bench: Queen Mary’s Garden. Regents Park, London.

Queen Mary’s Garden. Regents Park, London.

Bobby looks forward to Tuesdays. A train ride to London. Usually Farringdon. A nice walk to Islington, through what turns out to be the design centre of London. He always leaves the Al-Anon meetings feeling better than when he went in. And looking forward to a myriad of choices of how to spend an afternoon in the wonderful City. The sun shone. Someone on the early morning radio had mentioned the glory that is Queen Mary’s Garden within Regents Park. And so it was free bus pass rides to the park. We wrote a blog last year on the rose gardens and determined to seek serenity this time just reading a book all afternoon. The roses were only just starting so he found a seat by the wilder part of the garden looking across the lake. Shaded. Perfect. Pret bagette. Peach drink. Shortbread. What more could you want to spend an afternoon finding serenity reading a book? (more…)


Writing for Mental Health.

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Writing for Mental Health.

Mental Health spelt out in Scrabble letters.

I am a writer. I write.
I am a good writer. Bobby told me so
I am a bad writer. Bobby’s mind told me so.
I don’t care what you say.
I do care what you think.
I am a writer. I am writing this.
I was always a writer who never wrote.
I am a writer with words tumbling in all directions.
I hope they make sense.
I hope you read them.
I am a writer. I read them.
I am a bear. My name is Bertie. I think a lot. Some bears do. (more…)


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