Bob the Big Noisy Engine (with apologies to the Rev W Awdry).

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Bob the Big Noisy Engine.

Bob the Big Noisy Engine.

This is the story of Bob the Big Noisy Engine. A tale of triumph over adversity. Honesty over lies and deceit. Contentment over greed. Happiness over anger.

It is a true story. All the characters are real. Bobby wrote it in 1999 on a bike ride. In his head. The card and story were posted as part of a legal requirement. Always hoping that the opportunity would arise one day to publish it. Bearing in mind I was part of the adventure and ultimately best man at the wedding in Scotland. This is that opportunity. The reader is asked to consider Sir Walter Scott”s famous words:

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive’.

Bob the Big Noisy Engine: The Card.

The Card.


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Seaside Holiday Tales 2.

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Seaside Holiday: Saucy Postcards.

Seaside Holiday.

Dear Friends of Bertie. This is the second Seaside Holiday special.

In the previous one “Whitby”, posted November 2016, we mentioned Diddley’s 60th birthday in Whitby. Including the special cake which was made by the wonderful Yorkshire bakery E Botham.

The Birthday was a seaside special birthday, where the holiday cottage was decorated with prints of saucy postcards prepared by her work friend Nikki. Many adorned in the “60” with Diddley’s grinning face. There was bunting, balloons and seaside music.

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Holiday Special: Oh Mr Porter!

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Oh Mr Porter!

Dear friends of Bertie. This is a holiday special.

I hope you like old films. Bobby loves Will Hay. None more so than that classic of British Comedy. “Oh Mr Porter”. If you have seen it, watch it again. We have just done that. So with a bit of suggestive music hall thrown in – here you go…



A Day in the Life of a Trainspotter.

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Way back in 1954 Bobby’s dad, Sid, bought him an Ian Allan Train spotting book. He still has it. That, allied to Sid’s own keen interest in all things mechanical, led to his son’s enduring interest in such things. Given that being a trainspotter was the main hobby of schoolboys in 1954 it is hardly surprising that that generation is still prominent today. Heritage steam railways, traction engine rallies, bus rallies, airshows all have their committed supporters from those halcyon days. It’s an interest that endures to this day and explains Bobby’s unusual preferences when travelling abroad. (more…)

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Continental Railway Journeys: Lammersdorf

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Back to Lammersdorf.

In Continental Railway Journeys Austria, you heard how Bobby got the idea of coming to a less well know part of this wonderful country from English people in a Country Walking Magazine article. Amazingly, but due to his being an obsessive collector, as a result of that heatwave, staying indoors, sorting out junk, he discovered he had kept the article!

Lammersdorf: Country Walking Magazine - Hidden Austria.

Country Walking Magazine – Hidden Austria.


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A Day in the Life of a Heatwave.

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Heatwave 2017.


Bertie: “It so bleeding ‘ot! (Sarf London). Can’t put up with this heatwave much longer. How about you Bobby? Bobby? BOBBY? What’s the matter with you? You do look a bit cream crackered. Even Uncle Dick.”

Bobby: “Uhhhhh. Given up. Made an executive decision. Had an outbreak of common sense. I’m giving up!” (more…)


The Flying Legends Duxford 2017

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Flying Legends Duxford. Bertie and the Manhattan Dolls.

Flying Legends, Duxford.

June is busting out all over…

Bertie: “Told her that blouse was too bleedin’ tight…” (more…)

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A Dancer Called Alexis.

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I would like to introduce you to Alexis, from the United States of America. She wants to be a dancer. With her determination and clear love for her passion I am sure she will succeed. I spoke to her mum Debra who told me that all her daughter had ever wanted to be was a dancer. (more…)


Continental Railway Journeys in Germany.

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Germany: Mittenwald

Continental Railway Journeys in Germany.

Well here we are back in Lammersdorf, Austria. Writing blogs from an idyllic office.

Tom is the new owner of the hotel. Upholding the recent tradition of Dutchmen owning it. He has agreed to be interviewed by me later in the holiday. (more…)

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Tim, the Technical Director.

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Technical Director: Tim

Technical Director.

It may seem to be a bit pompous to have a Technical Director for something as trivial as a blog. But then, Bobby isn’t renowned for doing things normally. It also seems a bit wrong to be posting something so trivially amusing as this after last night’s events. So, please take a minute in silent contemplation and respect for all those affected before reading on. (more…)

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