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Routemaster…. an Ode to a Bus.

Routemaster: The Bus of the Future.

The Bus of the Future.

Back in 1957, Bobby finally grew up and became a plane spotter. (He still is… nerd!). Forsaking the dirt and smoky grime of steam trains for the shiny glamour of aircraft. Shortly before, he had also left behind his bus spotting days. Just two years, from 10 to 12 years old, he maintained an obsession for buses. Mainly London Transport but, on occasions, further afield to Southdown, Aldershot and District, Maidstone et al. Bearing in mind London Transport was just one body covering a very large area including London Country Buses. The garage lists below give evidence of that. Many now gone. (more…)

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Cotswold Reverie.

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Cotswold Reverie.

Cotswold Reverie: Snowdrop filled garden.

As we headed west towards the Cotswolds, the radio was on and we were cruising. No rush. The “scenic route” is shorter in miles, but much longer in time. Bobby had forsaken the boring motorway route to drive over the Berkshire downs near Wantage and into Gloucestershire. The County sign announcing Cotswold Country. Through Farringdon, Lechlade, Fairford. As we bypassed Cirencester, I could see him daydreaming. Thinking of times gone by. All those similar journeys with Diddley. Seeing her sitting beside him as usual and finding a teddy bear instead. When she would also become very quiet and would brush a tear away. Passed the signs to Sapperton, Coates, Minchinhampton. And on they would drive, knowing that she was back where she belonged. Not perfect for her, because of life’s tribulations. But now, with Bobby, finally with someone she loved. (more…)



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Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Waiting to go in…

Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

(Plus *STOP PRESS* *STOP PRESS* *STOP PRESS* see foot of blog).

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The Windmill Theatre Littlehampton.

The Windmill Theatre Littlehampton.

“Bobby! When there are shows on down by the seaside, can I always come?”

So said young Kyla, who had clearly enjoyed her afternoon at Littlehampton’s friendly Windmill Theatre. The shows are the ones that Bobby’s daughter-in-law, Marie, together with her daughters Giselle and Daisy-Mae, appear in. Pantomimes, reviews, dance beat shows. They epitomise the world of enthusiastic amateur theatre. A world of fun, companionship, community and a lot of hard work to put on the productions they do. Amateur they may be, but highly professional in the quality of their productions. The costumes, the sets but, most of all, the sheer joy of belonging to a company is there for all to see.

So here we are on a glorious sunny day, back at the Windmill Theatre. To see a production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. A circus pantomime. Performed by the Littlehampton Musical Comedy Society (LMCS). (more…)


A Walk from St David’s

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Walk from St David's: From the chapel, looking across to Skomer Island.

A Walk from St David’s in Pembrokeshire.

Walk from St David's: Church and churchyard.

This week we offer you our first guided walk. The story was written last Easter, but ended up being usurped by events and saved for now. (more…)

Guided Tour    

Bobby and Bertie’s Big Birthday Bash.

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Big Birthday Bash: Friends for ever.

Bobby and Bertie’s Big Birthday Bash.

The Invitation

Big Birthday Bash:The Brighton i360.

Bobby and Bertie’s Big Birthday Bash.

You are only 75, three quarters of a century, once. Bobby’s Birthday is on Saturday 26 January and you lucky people are coming with us.

We have booked the 14.30 “flight” on 26 January. British Airways ask that we get there no later than 20 minutes before. Bobby, Bertie, Layla, Faith, Sonny and Kyla intend to get there about 13.30. We will meet Andrew, Giselle, Daisy-Mae, Cameron, Jasmine, Big Jay and Little Jay there.

Be there or be Square!
(Did we really say that in our young days?) (more…)


Finding Serenity at Kingston upon Thames.

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Finding Serenity: I like bus rides… Mickleham church.

Finding Serenity at Kingston upon Thames.

Finding Serenity: Great Crested Grebe.

Great Crested Grebe.

Bertie: “Bobby. Were you crying at the doctors?”

Bobby: “No. Who told you that?”

Bertie: “You.”

Bobby: “Oh well, I did feel a bit emotional.”

Bertie: “So, you didn’t soak her desk in tears?”

Bobby: “No!” (more…)


Super Blood Wolf Moon.

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Super Blood Wolf Moon: The iPhone can’t cope with this, Bobby. But can the camera he hardly knows how to use?

Super Blood Wolf Moon.

21 January 2019.

A very special extra mid-week blog.

At 74 years and 360 days, Bobby has seen lots of things. The day before, he had learned there was to be a “spectacular lunar eclipse” the following night. A Super Blood Wolf Moon.

“Super” (moon nearer and looking larger); “Blood” (looking red at full eclipse) and a “Wolf Moon” (a full moon in January)… The next one being in 2029, when he would be 85. There will be other lunar eclipses during those years, but not one combining the three elements. (more…)


Flirting with GAD.

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Flirting with GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder): Diddley’s View.

Flirting with GAD.

Bertie: “Bobby! Why are we sitting on this bench? It’s taters and freezing me bleedin’ nuts off!”

Flirting with GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder): The bench at Diddley’s view.

The bench at Diddley’s view.

Bobby: “Errr…where did you get that expression from Bertie?”

Bertie: “You!”

Bobby: “Ohh… Well, since you asked, I am flirting with GAD” (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) (more…)


Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018.

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Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018.

As we mentioned last week, this Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition is on the balcony at Waterloo Station until 3 February. The last time we were there it was attracting a lot of attention. In the past, it was held upstairs in the National Theatre. This is the third year at Waterloo, and is we feel a superb location for attracting a cosmopolitan audience. This blog shows just a few of our favourites. Yours may well be quite different. The descriptions are really interesting in what has gone into producing such pictures and with what equipment…

Landscape Photographer of the Year - Waterloo Station.

Landscape Photographer of the Year – Waterloo Station.



Contre-jour et Layla.

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Landscape Photographer of the Year - Waterloo Station.

Contre-jour et Layla

Layla on Whitby beach (Contre-jour).

Layla on Whitby beach (Contre-jour).

Bertie: “Bobby. We get lots of compliments about the photography in Mindfully Bertie. Have you got any favourite types you would like to share?” (more…)

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