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Bobby & Bertie looking at each other enjoying one of their heritage rail weekend.Crowcombe Heathfield Station. West Somerset Railway.

Our family is deeply saddened to inform you that our lovely Dad, Father-in-law and Grandad, Bob Ball (Bobby Ballcock), passed away on Tuesday, 16 August 2022. It was unexpected. as he had been so full of life to the end, and we are all in shock. (more…)



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Ellen in Bobby's car.

Ellen 31 July 2022. 10:27am

Ellen: “I am only a little bear. I have only written one story. And then only the middle story of three in this blog. (more…)


A Summer Collection

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A Summer Collection – Virginia’s Poem: The GA’s Walk: The Stick: From the Train Window

Summer Collection: Virginia and Bertie.

Virginia’s Poem

Virginia: “I thought a silly poem might bring the hint of a smile. I wrote it to try to cheer people up as the news continues to be so downbeat and generally depressing.”

Bertie: “Cheered us up, Virginia!”

Frustrations we know are all part of life But why oh why do they cause us such strife? The forecasters promised the day would stay fine You come home to yards of wet clothes on the line. You’ve just cleaned the car and heaved a great sigh When an incontinent bird comes flying by. The traffic is grim; you risk the back roads Only to find the last one is closed. You’re late for work, there’s no parking space That Range Rover in front has just nicked the last space! The cake that you baked and was meant as a treat Is flat as a pancake and not fit to eat While the shorts that fitted so nicely last year Now make you look like a well rounded pear. You get home from work; you’re really done in; There’s no milk in the fridge; no cake in the tin* You’ve had such a day; you’re as tired as can be But can’t get to sleep ‘til a quarter to three. Frustrations I know can make our lives tough And sometimes we feel we’ve had quite enough But then the sun shines, someone gives us a smile And we decide once again that life is worthwhile. (more…)

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Grandma’s House

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Grandma’s House (a Doll's House).

Grandma’s House.

They loved that day at Spitalfields Open Gardens. Sitting in the beautiful garden of the Rectory of Christ Church was indeed heavenly, with the church towering above them. Friendly chatter with the little band playing in the corner. A perfect English country garden party in the middle of London’s East End. (more…)

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Can it Kill You?

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Male and female Stag Beetles.

Male and female Stag Beetles.

Can it kill you?” asked granddaughter Daisy.

“Totally harmless, Daisy.” said grandad Bobby. “I picked it up and put it in the undergrowth to stop it being trodden on. It’s a BFG. Like me!” (more…)


Finding Serenity at Kingston upon Thames (Again)

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Kingston upon Thames

Trevor in front of Kingston upon Thames bridge.

Kingston upon Thames Bridge.

Bertie: “NO! NO! NO! I’m not going. You must be bleedin mad!”

Bobby: “You aren’t invited, Bertie. I am taking Trevor, to introduce him to Al-Anon and the Angel.” (more…)



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The Pembrokeshire coastline.

Back in 1985. The happy couple, as it was then, had an opportunity to borrow a motor caravan for a holiday. Modestly priced, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. And it was friends of ‘er indoors’ making the offer. Something the happy couple had never done before. North Wales. The Llyn Peninsular. What an exciting prospect! (more…)

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Spitalfields Secret Gardens with Eamonn

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Secret Gardens

Colourful flowers.

The Rectory Garden. Christ Church Spitalfields, Fournier Street

Bertie: “What a lovely garden, Eamonn.”

Eamonn: “Ah! To be sure it was, Bertie. Tank you for suggesting I go to the open gardens. ‘Twas marvellous to be sure.” (more…)



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Bertie with a giant Epsium.

Phoenix Garden, Echium. “You missed the bleedin top off, Bobby.”

Sometimes we go on walking tours with Bob. Not that Bob. Another Bob. (more…)


Can’t be Easy

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Bobby holding Little Bobby.

Bobby and “Bobby”share a joke.

Bertie: “It can’t be easy being you, Bobby. It’s hard enough just being your friend. A day of wonderful joy became a following day of huge muddle in your bonce.” (more…)