Dream Island 2020

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Red Kite in flight

Red Kite.

Richard and Giselle, our friends and wardens of Dream (Skokholm) Island, arrived for the 2020 season on 16 March. They finally left on 7 December. Each day there, Richard wrote an inspiring blog. Not just about the birds and the sea creatures, but also the scenery, the weather and life on an island in an extraordinary year. We have looked forward to his posting each day and marvelled at the superb photography of both them. But Dream Island and nearby Skomer are inhospitable places in the depths of winter and are given back to their true owners, the wild creatures, until next spring. (more…)

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Mindfully Arundel

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Head and shoulders shot of Bertie wearing his Sutton United scarf.Bertie: “Bobby… Why are you cleaning the bathroom at three in the morning?”

Bobby: “And the downstairs loo!”

Bertie: “Why?”

Bobby: “Can’t sleep…”

Bertie: “You told me you had had a wonderfully relaxing afternoon at Arundel. So why were you going through those boxes of memorabilia at midnight?” (more…)



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Hefyn… A talking picture.

Hefyn… A talking picture.

Hello. My name is Hefyn. Pronounced “Her fahn”. I am Welsh. And a Hare. Hefyn means ‘summer’ in English. (more…)


If you go Down to the Woods Today

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If you go Down to the Woods Today: Bertie sat high in a leafless tree.

If you go down to the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise!
If you go down to the woods today
You really don’t need a disguise,
For I’m the only bear that ever there was
Whose hiding here from Bobby because (more…)

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Who Bleedin Cares Anyway?

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Who Bleedin cares? Front Cover of the book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" by Mark Manson.

Book Review.

Bertie: “Are you suffering, Bobby?”

Bobby: “Not ‘suffering’, but wary in these troubled times.” (more…)

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Railway Children

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Railway Children Logo: Fighting for Street Children

Mindfully Bertie is proud to announce that Railway Children is its chosen charity. We encourage all our readers to read what follows and consider if they can support this wonderful organisation. This is how the charity started:




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What a wonderful season Autumn is. In the past we have treated you to a cornucopia of golden leaves. This year it’s a little different for a million reasons. We desperately miss London. Ask us what we miss most about London and we would have to say St Martin in the Fields. A wonderful church, of course, but also a world famous music venue. Add to that the simply scrumptious apple crumble and custard in the superb Crypt Café and our loss is all the worse. (more…)


Sherrylea’s Story.

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Sherrylea gave us her email. It didn’t work. Oh well. Maybe she will pick up on Mindfully Bertie. That would be nice. The story that follows was told by her to Bobby. It was to have been checked by her, but is now entirely from his memory. Transcribed that evening like all the other Gower stories lying on a bed at Swansea Premier Inn. The story was a response to hearing about the adventures of a certain teddy bear.

The Lost Dolly

Sherrylea's Story - The Lost Doll (more…)

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Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 8: Gower – the Walk over Rhossili Down.

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Number 8: Gower – The walk over Rhossili Down

A kitesurfer over Rhossili Down and beach looking north over Llanelli Bay.

Rhossili Down and beach looking north over Llanelli Bay.

This is probably the simplest walk ever described in Mindfully Bertie. On a day like that one in September 2020, it is quite simply sensational. It is a walk that really demands a fine day to take advantage of the spectacular views in all directions. (more…)

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Ty Dwr

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Bertie sat on the post of a gate to Ty Dwr.

Back in 1982, Bobby was told of a cottage that could be hired on the Gower Peninsular. A friend of a friend knew an affluent family who owned their own holiday cottage and hired it to friends and those who could be trusted. It was still the family’s main holiday destination. The cottage was called Ty Dwr, which means Water House in Welsh. (more…)


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