Contre-jour et Layla.

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Landscape Photographer of the Year - Waterloo Station.

Contre-jour et Layla

Layla on Whitby beach (Contre-jour).

Layla on Whitby beach (Contre-jour).

Bertie: “Bobby. We get lots of compliments about the photography in Mindfully Bertie. Have you got any favourite types you would like to share?” (more…)

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The Christmas 50/50… 2018.

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Christmas at the Premier Inn!

The Christmas 50/50… 2018.

Happy New Year to all our readers. We hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Christmas wreath on door.

Once again, Bobby and I took ourselves off to East London for the holidays. Aldgate this time. He went back to Sutton United on Boxing Day to see them win! Up the U’s. We met Andrew, Marie, Giselle and Daisy- Mae for a family spectacular. “School of Rock” and the Christmas lights from the top of a red double decker No 139 bus. (more…)


Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year.

Happy New Year - Bertie reading book "Courage to Change".

Reading “Courage to Change”.

And a very Happy New Year to you too!



Merry Christmas from Mindfully Bertie.

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Merry Christmas - Holly

Merry Christmas from Mindfully Bertie.

Merry Christmas from all the team at Mindfully Bertie.

From all the team at Mindfully Bertie.

This is a simple story of wanting to thank all our readers and supporters and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Keep reading the blog in 2019. We have no idea what will be in it – as we had no idea in 2018. That’s part of the fun. The opportunity to have guest writers is still there. As is guest “Lighting a Candle for Diddley”. All we need for the latter is a few words and a picture of where the candle was lit. (more…)

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Grass. Part 2.

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River bank grass. River Tillingbourne at the Teddy Bears' Picnic. Abinger Hammer.

Grass. Part 2.

A Compendium of 2018 Grass. (more…)

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As you know, we love the RHS Gardens at Wisley. Our last visit was to photograph some of the autumn colours there. Although, to be honest, there was no real need, given the wonderful colours round here in the Surrey Hills as shown in our slide show.

There is always lots to see at Wisley and a bonus was the climax of the ornamental grass season, of which there are masses at the gardens. So, here is our tour of those ornamental grasses in all their glory – before the scythe comes to end another season. (more…)


You’re a Twat!

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You're a Twat: Bertie reads the 2018 Christmas Special of Big Issue.

You’re a Twat!

Bertie: “Bobby… Wot’s a twat?”

You're a Twat: Bertie reads the 2018 Christmas Special of Big Issue.

Bertie reads the 2018 Christmas Special of Big Issue.


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The Autumn Leaves.

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Autumn Leaves

The Autumn Leaves.

The rain thundered down at Sutton United and we hid in the stand. Driving home on flooded roads, we knew that this was the beginning of the end of a glorious autumn. The best we could ever remember. The best that is since last year. Especially the Autumn Leaves.

Autumn Leaves (more…)

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One Night Last Summer.

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One Night Last Summer: With the stars. That's Debbi and George behind us.

One Night Last Summer

Bertie: “Wot! Amateur dramatics? You must be bleedin’ joking!”

Bobby: “Now look, Bertie. We are a team. Tim and Tracey together with Oakley (Technical Director, Artistic Director and Guide Dog) have kindly invited us to their daughter Debbi’s new musical with the Hinchley Manor Operatic Society. “One Night Last Summer”. They are coming down all the way by train from their canal boat in Birmingham. And we are going.”

One Night Last Summer: Yours truly at the theatre.

Yours truly at the theatre.



Untold Story.

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Our entry in “The Untold Story”.

Untold Story.

Next week is Alcohol Awareness Week. 19-25 November 2018.

Details from Alcohol Concern follow. Also at:

A very important issue that warrants a rare mid-week extra story to meet the date.

Untold Story: (more…)


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