When Bertie is on His Holidays…

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Holidays: Holiday Madness Ahead!


Bertie and Bobby are on their holidays, so they have foolishly handed the reigns over to me. Tim. The Technical Director!

Holidays: Holidays:Bertie has sent me a little jape from his trip, which I relate to you below:

What’s your name?

Ich av neine name.


Because ich bin Steiff. Ich too posh fur stupid kinder names.

Oh! Well I am Bertie and it’s nice to meet you.

If you zay zo.!

What’s that stuck in your lug hole?

Vas ist lughole?

Ear, mate.

Ziz iz a stud to tell ze whole wurld. Ich bin STEIFF!

Well mate people in England often ask me if I am a Steiff?

Ha ha ha ha you are very funny. Ze Englischen on their holidays are so funny. Only ze English could mistake you fur eine Steiff.

Oh yeah! So what do you do all day?

Ich sit in zis shop und am admired by allen .

Ohhh . Well I’ll let you into a little secret. A few months ago I asked a teddy bear shop in England if I could have my picture taken with these old bears. “No you are too common”. I just asked your owner If I could have my picture taken with you? She said “No. These are Steiff you know.”

“How about if I bought one – just a little one for Daisy-Mae’s birthday?”

“Ah, zat ist different. Take lots of pictures.”

So we did. My advice to you little no name bear is to get rid of that stud and start having fun. Otherwise you will just be known as 229 Euros. And I was £200 quid 30 years ago.

Holidays: Holidays: Holidays: Holidays:

Holidays: Steiff Upper Lip. Ahahahaha!

Steiff Upper Lip. Ahahahaha!

Holidays Holidays


In the meantime, whilst on their holidays, Bertie said to tell you that if you get bored to take a look at my photographic blog: www.onephotographaday.org.uk.

Holidays: Wharf Crane at Newbury.

Wharf Crane at Newbury.

Hopefully, there will be something for everyone. The shot above is one of Bobby’s favourites.


Lighting a Candle for Diddley.

Holidays: Lighting a Candle For Diddley - and Everyone.

For Everyone.

Lighting a candle. For Everyone. For Manchester. For Great Britain. For all the Children of the World. And for Diddley.

There are no words to explain to children what is wrong with the world if the adults can’t solve it. Just like the wildebeest, we will be back to marching across the plains next week in search of green pasture, fun and laughter on holiday.

Peace be with you.

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  1. Avatar Felicity Drewett says:

    Like your Steiff upper lip bit !!! Xx

  2. Avatar Val Clark says:

    I think Bertie and Bobby are always on holidays and I salute them for their tenacity to suck the marrow out of life!!

    • Avatar Bertie says:

      I’m getting a complex about Portland Bill. I need bears in my life. When Fliss and Bobby are back in Blighty again I expect to be invited for his story.

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