Enjoying a Cotswolds Daydream

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Cotswolds Daydream

Last year the sun shone and we “reveried” in it. This year the sun went as soon as it came. The black clouds gathered. And the weather forecast got more and more alarming.

We had left the Surrey Hills slightly battered by Storm Ciara. Only to find that a much bigger Storm was looming. Storm Dennis was to prove catastrophic for many areas of Britain, including low lying areas of Surrey close to rivers. We escaped the worst and avoided Swift’s Hill on its designated day. 15 February. Climbing it the day before, on Valentines Day. It was still lovely in the Cotswolds as we relaxed in the Frocester George once again.


Cotswolds Pub and Hotel: The Frocester George.


Andean Flamingo, Slimbridge.

Andean Flamingo

Red Shoveller, Slimbridge.

Red Shoveller

American Flamingo, Slimbridge.

American Flamingo

Swan lake. Peter Scott’s house, Slimbridge.

Swan lake. Peter Scott’s house.

Slimbridge Swan Lake from Penn hide.

Swan Lake from Penn hide.

Slimbridge: Black-headed Gull. In winter.

Black-headed Gull. In winter.

Slimbridge: Mute Swan.

Mute Swan.

Iron Artwork, Slimbridge.

Iron Artwork.

Avocet, Slimbridge.


Black-winged Stilt, Slimbridge.

Black-winged Stilt.

Redshank, Slimbridge.


Sparrow, Slimbridge.


Sparrow, Slimbridge.


Crested Screamer, Slimbridge.

Crested Screamer.

Chiloe Widgeon, Slimbridge.

Chiloe Widgeon.

Hooded Merganser (Male), Slimbridge.

Hooded Merganser (Male).

Hooded Merganser (Female), Slimbridge.

Hooded Merganser (Female).

Eider Duck (Male), Slimbridge.

Eider Duck (Male).

Eider Duck (Female), Slimbridge.

Eider Duck (Female).

Slimbridge visitor centre.

Slimbridge visitor centre in the Cotswolds.

Smew (Female left, Male right), Slimbridge.

Smew (Female left, Male right).

Pochard, Slimbridge.


Large flock of Lapwings, Slimbridge.

Large flock of Lapwings.

Canada Geese, flying over Slimbridge.

Canada Geese.

More Canada Geese flying over Slimbridge.

More Canada Geese.

Lapwing, Slimbridge.


Pintail. Late evening, Slimbridge.

Pintail. Late evening.

Swift’s Hill. Valentines Day.

Bobby holding Bertie above Slad on Swift's Hill.

Above Slad (first time post heart attack).

Slimbridge. 15 November… (Storm Dennis).

The Observatory Tower at Slimbridge, with the WWT logo. The Clouds of Storm Dennis are gathering.

Slimbridge Watchtower. Storm clouds gathering.

Bertie looking at Peter Scott's famous painting of Nene Geese in flight.

We stayed indoors. Here is Peter Scott’s famous painting of Nene Geese.

Bertie inside Scott House Museum sat on a railing by the entrance ramp alongside a poster advertising the museum.

We went on a guided tour of Peter Scott’s House. Now a museum.

Despite the weather, it was fine indoors at Slimbridge and will lead to a story entitled “Happy the Man”.

The Friends of Skomer and Skokholm Annual Reunion, Bishops Cleeve.

The Old Tithe Barn, Bishops Cleeve.

The venue. The Old Tithe Barn, Bishops Cleeve.

Interior of the Tithe Barn at Bishop's Cleeve. A polished wooden floor underneath an arched roof. A video presentation is being played on a screen on the front wall.

Nice venue. Lots of presentations.

Sylwia. Skomer warden.

Sylwia. Skomer warden. (See Eamonn goes to Skomer).

Eamonn goes to Skomer.

Richard and Giselle. Skokholm wardens.

Richard and Giselle. Skokholm wardens. (see Eamonn goes to Skokholm).

Eamonn goes to Skokholm.

Sonia and Myf. Skomer volunteer friends from years ago.

Sonia and Myf. Skomer volunteer friends from years ago.

Chris and Angie’s

Bertie and Eamonn reading a book "My Best Friend, Bob" by George Ripper.

Bertie and Eamonn studying a page of the book "My Best Friend, Bob". There is a picture of two animals, one called Brian, the other called Bob.

We had a read while they were all playing Pictionary very noisily with grandson Jamie. Can you imagine? A guinea pig called Brian!

A bench on Swift's Hill amongst the remains of the autumn leaves on the ground.

The sun shone after Storm Dennis and we moved some snowdrops symbolically from Cherington Lakes to Abinger Roughs on the way home. Fourth year we have done this. A little bit of the Cotswolds in the Surrey Hills. Don’t tell anyone.

Lighting a Candle for Diddley

Bertie inside Slad Church sat on a red bench with a candle lit for Diddley.

As the rain lashed down during Storm Dennis we hid in Slad Church for a while. We met a lady who had lived in Slad for fifty years. Knew both Laurie Lee and Frank Mansell years ago. And remembered the Solomons. Diddley’s birth family.

There is no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothes.

(I think that well know saying would get short shrift around some parts of the country at present,)
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  1. Jim Allen says:

    Thank you, Bobbie. My copy of Down in the Valley: A Writer’s Landscape, arrived three days ago, courtesy of Amazon.

  2. Val says:

    Finally made it to the UK! Might see you on a train. I will look out for random bears and say hello! At present in Cornwall. Train to Montrose on Thursday!

    • Bertie says:

      Congratulations .. but what a time to come. The wild fresh air of Scotland sounds very inviting at present. Keep in touch.

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