The Greatest Day

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The Greatest Day for Sutton United: Bobby, Jenny (mascot, a giraffe), David, Andrew.

Bobby, Jenny (mascot), David, Andrew.

It was the Greatest Day for Sutton United. A small football club from Surrey had beaten the odds and the big boys to become a Football League club. Founded 123 years ago, the vast majority of its football life has been as an amateur team. Only in recent years, as amateur status declined, did it become part time professional. In 1965 Sutton became a Greater London Borough and the club is now know as a South London team.

There have been many successes over the years, particularly in becoming Cup Giant Killers. But destined to remain a non-league team. The National League is the highest division in non-league football and has a number of former league clubs that are desperate to get back to the Football League. Torquay, Hartlepool, Notts County, Wrexham, Stockport and so on. Big stadiums and big ambitions.

This last season was played behind locked doors. No fans until last Sunday. The last month a tussle between three clubs to get that one automatic promotion to the Football League. The lead changed between all three. The nerves were jangling for the fans, particularly Bobby and his GAD. Watching on livestream and listening on audio stream radio it seems to have been centre stage in our thoughts for months. But last Sunday (23 May 2021), Sutton knew that if they beat Hartlepool United they would achieve the impossible dream.

Getting to Sutton an hour and a half early was gaddish in the extreme. Will they? Won’t they? What if? Best friend David and son Andrew were there. I couldn’t stand it and stayed at home. He did take me there on Friday to soak up the atmosphere. Just 1,100 and all Sutton fans were allowed in under Covid rules. The players seemed happy and relaxed and they won 3:0 and social media went nuts.

THEY DID IT. Bobby’s Dad first took him to Gander Green Lane, home of Sutton United for over 100 years, in 1954. In nearly seventy years since he had many years watching his other favourite team. Fulham. There was a period as a young Dad when he completely lost interest in football. But later life, particularly in retirement, has seen a return to his first and home club. One he lived just ten minutes away from.

On television someone asked Matt Gray the manager about the problems that lay ahead. His reply mirrors our own strap-line. which is, of course…

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow a mystery. Live for today.

Players and fans of Sutton United celebrating their victory.

We won the league

The Gallery

Bertie outside the entrance to Sutton United.

Friday before, nerves jangling.

Bertie outside the entrance to Sutton United.

Not National League any more, but Football League.

Bertie outside the entrance to Sutton United.


Bob in his Sutton United shirt in his car.

Sunday. An hour and a half early. Will they? Won’t they?

Sutton United ground an hour before kick-off.

An hour to kick-off.

Here's Jenny the giraffe; the club mascot.

Here’s Jenny the giraffe; the club mascot.

Club mascot having a fag.

Having a fag.

Sutton United team coming onto the ground.

Here comes the team… “UP THE U’s”!

Players celebrating their second goal.

2:0 up. Let’s start dreaming…

Team celebrating their third goal.

3:0… Nearly there. RELAXXXXXX.

Players and fans celebrating the win.


Louis John.

Louis John. Centre half extraordinaire. Our PLAYER OF THE SEASON.

Louise John.

She thinks so too!

Harry Beautyman.

‘Arry, ‘arry, ‘arry. Long serving Harry Beautyman.

Matt Gray.

Matt Gray. Manager of the season.

Sign announcing "Champions 2020/2021"

In case you didn’t know!

Team Champagne celebration.

Waste of Champagne, but who cares?

Team doing the lap of honour with the trophy.

Lap of honour. Please don’t invade the pitch because of Covid. And nobody did.

Matt Gray.

Proud manager.

Dean Bouzanis.

Dean Bouzanis. Australian goalie.

Chasing the Dream.

Sutton United 3 : 0 Hartlepool United.

Sutton United Football Club. Sutton United Football Club.

Lighting a Candle for Diddley

Bertie is his Sutton United strip with a candle lit for Diddley.


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