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Technical Director: Tim

Technical Director.

It may seem to be a bit pompous to have a Technical Director for something as trivial as a blog. But then, Bobby isn’t renowned for doing things normally. It also seems a bit wrong to be posting something so trivially amusing as this after last night’s events. So, please take a minute in silent contemplation and respect for all those affected before reading on.

Let me backtrack a bit. I first met Bobby when on a course. In London. How to write a blog that people will want to read. He didn’t tell us straight away about the teddy bear… Bobby had this idea about doing a blog. “Mindfully Bertie”, he said. He hadn’t worked out the details. Something about a tribute to someone called Diddley. I must confess, I didn’t take that much notice. All I can remember was his nickname being “Bobby Ballcock”, but I’m not sure why.

Technical Director: Bobby and Bertie - Double Act Extrodinaire...

Bobby and Bertie – Double Act Extraordinaire…

So here we are. Many posts later. He has named me his Technical Director. He emails the blog to me, and I transpose it into the blog. Correcting the spelling along the way! We have become a team. Sometimes I add the odd comment to the blog. A little quip that Bobby and Bertie have missed. Like the irony of the “selfie“. Ahahahaha!!! I have learnt so much about this “Diddley“. And I am grateful. If I wasn’t transposing the blog, I probably wouldn’t get round to reading it. I have to say, I quite enjoy being the Technical Director.

Technical Director: Diddley.


I love Bobby’s writing style. Don’t be fooled, it’s not really Bertie that’s writing it. At least, I don’t think so. I love the way Bobby is so politically incorrect. How he manages to get photographs of people he just comes across – holding his teddy bear! How he gets away with it! And Diddley. I almost feel like I’ve met her.  But there’s a point to Bertie. He takes normal everyday situations, and deals with them. He takes us on journeys. Let’s us see life through his eyes.

Bobby and Bertie came to visit us. We live on a narrow boat. We cruise around. Well, we haven’t for a while, but that’s another story. He brought this shopping trolley with him. Bobby had broken his wrist, so Bobby2 came out of retirement! We were honoured.

Technical Director: Mindfully Bertie's Happy Christmas Picture Blog.

Bertie steals the hearts of all the girls…

Technical Director: Bobby 2: Shopping Trolley taking pride of position again.

Shopping Trolley “Bobby 2” taking pride of position again.

Technical Director: Bobby 2: NB Sola Gratia on her mooring at Newbury Marina.

NB Sola Gratia on her mooring at Newbury Marina.

They are threatening to come back. I think Bobby wants a free cruise! We will be happy to oblige. Between us, we might even write a blog about it.

As I am a keen photographer, I would like to share some images taken from the weekend of the course:

Technical Director: Market Stall.

Market Stall.

Technical Director: Fenchurch Street Station.

Fenchurch Street Station.

Technical Director: East India Arms.

East India Arms.

Technical Director: Modern London Skyline.

Modern London Skyline.

If you like these photographs, then please take a look at my photo blog: One Photograph a Day.

Lighting a Candle for Diddley.

Plain and simple this week. We all know someone who is no longer with us. Some live a full life and die at a ripe old age, others are taken from us seemingly before their time. One day we will all meet up again. In the meantime, we will remember them in whatever way is appropriate to us. For Bobby, this is lighting a candle. I happily light a candle this week in our boat. For Diddley, for three out of four of our parents, who have passed away in the last year and a bit. For the victims of London. Manchester. And all other atrocities. For everyone who is reading this who has lost someone.

It’s not a special candle. It’s even a bit grubby. But it is well loved. It is lit every so often as a memory. So, actually, it is a bit special. It carries the knocks and dirt that we all pick up in life. And in that we see the beauty of the flame. And smell the vanilla perfume. Lest we forget.

Technical Director: A candle for everyone who has lost someone.

A candle for everyone who has lost someone.

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  1. Bertie says:

    Dear friends of Mindfully Bertie. I am humbled by what Tim has written. Sitting here in the sunshine of Murano (Venice) watching the biggest boat race in the world I would guess. Thousand of boats of all kinds. Dragon boats to canoes it’s a spectacle of fun, sunshine, colour, happy faces. 32 kilometres of endeavour. There goes a Union Jack, a Croatian flag, France. Germany. USA. They call it a race but after two hours there is no competition just a wish to be part of the same happy , civilised world. Can you hear them cheering? This is life. Not that so crudely exemplified by hatred in the great cities of the world. So….
    Yesterday is still history. Tomorrow is still a mystery and always will be. So let’s be grateful for our own happiness and try to save some today for our fellow human beings. We will be lighting an Italian candle for Diddley this evening. And another for my sister Wendy. And yet another for London and Manchester and you.

    And in the spirit of ending on a happy note the alter ego of “Bobby Ballcock” will be revealed shortly. But be warned it involves urinals.

  2. Val Clark says:

    Great team work. I love the light you bring into my world each time you post a blog.

  3. Bernard Bruty says:

    Totally agree, with the ‘team’ spirit that the blog brings…the results speak for themselves. Looking forward to Bertie and Bobby’s current adventure.

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