Follow that Dream

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Sutton United Football Team celebrating to the crowd as the Follow that Dream.

“Que sera sera
What ever will be will be
We’re going to Wembley
Que sera sera
Que sera sera
What ever will be will be
We’re going to Wembley
Que sera sera”

Follow that Dream

March 2021

Bobby: “Really not sure, Stuart, about Sutton being promoted to the Football League for the first time in 123 years. It will mean a new grass pitch; new floodlights; new turnstiles; new everything. Are they good enough to survive? Maybe better to stay where they are.”

Stuart: “You’ve gotta follow that dream, Bobby! Otherwise, why bother to turn up?”

Following that Dream

  • May 2021. The Greatest Day in Sutton United’s history. Promotion to the Football League. (EFL)
  • August 2021. First EFL League 2 game in their history, at Forest Green Rovers.
  • August 2021. As an EFL team, they join the Football League Trophy knockout competition. Known as the Papa John Trophy, in recognition of its sponsors. 64 teams enter from all divisions of the EFL. Including Premier clubs fielding their youth teams.
  • August 2021 to 8 March 2022. All played weekday evenings with very cheap tickets. They beat Crystal Palace U-21, Portsmouth, AFC Wimbledon, Stevenage, Colchester, Harrogate Town. All the way to the semi-final at Wigan Athletic – currently top of EFL League 1 on March 8.

Following that Dream away to Wigan Athletic

Semi final. Final at Wembley.

Bobby: “It’s a long way, Andrew. Even on the Supporters’ Club coach. Leave Sutton 13:50. Game starts 19:45. Back to Sutton 03:30. Still got to drive to Sutton and back. Half an hour each way.”

Andrew: “You’ve got to follow that dream, dad. They might be the underdogs, but suppose they did win and get to Wembley? You will always regret not being there.”

David: “Bobby … We are going to Follow that Dream”

In pictures…

The Supporters' Coach, Neoplan S33 LCT

Front of The Supporters' Coach, Neoplan S33 LCT. Spot the coffee cup! Bobby is reflected in the windscreenas he takes the photo.

What a coach! More like a spaceship.

Spotting an Eddie Stobart lorry out of the coach!

Five hours. Let’s do some Eddie Stobart spotting (Amber).

Bobby outside Wigan Athletic Football Club.

Blimey! This is like Buckingham Palace, compared to a shed at Sutton United. But we do believe! Where can we get a pie?

Window with Wigan Athletic 1932 frosted on it.

Not in there. Wigan was a Premier League team a few years ago.

Replica of the FA Cup that Wigan Athletic won in 2013.

And they beat Manchester City to follow their dream and win the FA Cup in 2013. (Replica!)

The pie served up to Bobby.

As we walked into the vast bar/food complex, an announcement was made over the Public Address. “We have Sutton United supporters here. Please make them very welcome.” And they did. Seriously nice pie.

The full stadium at Wigan as kick-off time approaches.

Nearly kick-off time.

Bobby waiting for the match in excited anticipation!

Excited? I think so!

Inside the Wigan Athletic Stadium.

Blimey. Look how big the pitch is, let alone the stadium!

It didn’t matter.

  • 29 minutes: Sutton score
  • 39 minutes: Wigan equalise
  • 1:1 half time
  • Second half – both teams have chances to win it. End to end stuff. But, on 94 minutes, the ref blows the final whistle. Straight to the dreaded penalty shoot out.
  • PENALTY SHOOT OUT. 1:0, 1:1 all the way to 5:5. Who’s taking Sutton’s next penalty? DEANO. the bleedin’ goalkeeper! He had already saved the first penalty. In classic Aussie “who cares” steps up and smashes the ball in the top right corner. HERO. And then, back in goal for the next Wigan penalty. Dives full length to the left to finger tip round the post.


We won. We won. We are going to Wembley. Let’s play it again.

Sutton United Football Team celebrating to the crowd as the Follow that Dream.

Words cannot describe how we felt. Little Sutton United had gone all the way to Wigan on a coach and beaten the big boys. Next stop Wembley.

The journey home soon went quiet, facing five hours back to Sutton, but not as we drove through Wigan.

The local police came on the coach and wished us all the best. And we wish Wigan Athletic all the best. A lovely football club.

Bertie with Bobby's programme and ticket for the Wigan Athletic match.

Following a Dream.


Lighting a Candle for Diddley

A candle lit for Diddley set against a vase of Spring flowers.

“Follow that Dream”


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  1. Phil Barnett says:

    Well done Sutton United and a night to remember! You just need to go on and win the final now. As for your goalie’s penalty, as good as any striker (unlike Chelsea’s the other day against Liverpool). Plus the saves he made makes Deano the hero of the night.
    Whatever happens, enjoy your trip to Wembley.

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