Tulips at Dunsborough Park

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Beautiful red tulips with yellow stripes against a blue sky.

Back in April 2015, Diddley showed Bobby an advert in the local newspaper for a “Tulip Festival”. It was at a garden he had not heard of. Dunsborough Park at Ripley. Not far from RHS Wisley Gardens. Just about this time, in April. They went and loved it. Particular the charity run garden tea. She became tired quite quickly and they were content to just go round the formal garden. Not realising that this was a much bigger garden. It was also the very last open garden they would ever go to. Just four months later and life changed for ever.

Bobby never forgot Dunsborough Park and the tulips. He been back with friends a number of times. Even written about it in Mindfully Bertie (“Three go to Dunsborough Park Gardens”). Only open a few days a year, the Tulip Festival would be about now. We and all of those who love flowers and gardens will miss the wonderful gardens that are so beautiful in April and May. So we are bringing the Tulip Festival to you from years gone by…

The Tulip Festival

Dunsborough Park Gardens: Ah. More Tulips. Just look at that colour!

Dunsborough Park Gardens - Yellow Tulips.

Dunsborough Park Gardens: Glorious orange tulips set off by an edging of muscari (grape hyancinths).

Dunsborough Park Gardens: Think the orange ones are my favourites.

Dunsborough Park Gardens: More multi-coloured tulip artwork.

Dunsborough Park Gardens: Do you think he's seen me?

Dunsborough park Gardens: More yellow and white tulips.

Dunsborough Park Gardens: Pastel Colours.

Dunsborough Park Gardens: Orange tulips again. Magnificent.

Dunsborough Park Gardens.

Dunsborough Park Gardens - bed of Red and Lilac tulips.

Bertie in Dunsborough Park Gardens with various spring flowers including tulips behind.

Dunsborough Park Gardens.

Bertie looking at a sign that says "Big Smile" in Dubsborough Park Gardens.

Dunsborough Park Gardens.

Dunsborough Park Gardens.

Dunsborough Park Gardens.

Dunsborough Park Gardens.

Dunsborough Park Gardens.

Multi coloured tulips in the grass at Dunsborough Park.

Organised beds of tulips of various colours at Dunsborough Park

Delicate pink tulips at Dunsborough Park.

Yellow tulips at Dunsborough Park.

White tulips with long thin petals at Dunsborough Park.

White tulips with yellow tulips behind at Dunsborough Park.

White tulips in the foreground at Dunsborough Park, with yellow ones behind.

Dunsborough Park Gardens.


A bow window in Laurel Cottage with loads of messages and rainbows for the NHS.

NHS – We (still) Love You!

Lighting a Candle for Diddley

Bertie, sat in front of some tulips, with a lit candle for Diddley in front of him.



  1. Jim Allen says:

    Thank you, Bobby. Lovely garden(s).

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