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Bobby and I love ‘ats. They keep yer bonce warm. They keep it dry… hopefully. Some keep the sun out of yer eyes. Some are totally practical. Some not. Some reflect your mood. Others your ego. Just one or two are very old friends. Maybe only one is. “‘at Par Excellence”. So here we offer you a kaleidoscope of tit-for-tats, titfers, ‘ats. And save “‘at Par Excellence” to the very end.

Wots in an ‘at

What's in an 'at. M&S cap.

Slightly posher. Epsom M&S. Bought on a whim after Cardiac Rehab. Not bad.

What's in an 'at. M&S cap.

Slightly posher with Layla.

M&S sale, per Diddley. Poor fit. Don’t really like it.

M&S sale, per Diddley. Poor fit. Don’t really like it.

Tilley Summer 'at.

First Tilley Summer ‘at. Loved it. Innsbruck. Lost on a train to Dorking.

Giselle Eagle: Back on “Bobby’s Island” where he volunteered for nineteen years. Bobby wearing his Summer Tilley 'at

First Tilley, Skomer Island.

First Tilley, Goathland. Eagle Owl.

First Tilley, Goathland. Eagle Owl.

Beanie 'at.

Beanie, very warm. Lined. Nerdish. Hate it.

Beanie. Minus 17 Norway.

Beanie. Minus 17 Norway. Nerdish.

Bobby's winter 'at.

Lovely ‘at… Warm, perfect fit. Lovely. Winter only. Tatterly his old friend.

Bobby with his 'at and two great grandsons.

Lovely ‘at with great grandsons. Little Jay and Little Bobby.

Tilley Fedora.

Posh ‘at. Tilley Fedora. London only.

Tilley Fedora.

Posh ‘at. Tilley Fedora. London only.

Bobby, using the mirror to surreptitiously take a selfie! He is wearing his hat and has a beigel stuffed in his mouth.

Posh ‘at Brick Lane, Spitalfields. 365 day Beigel shop for breakfast.

Tilley 'at. River Thames in the background.

Second Tilley. Hemp. River Thames. Lost on a train to Dorking. Not bad. But not lovely either.

Second Tilley. Crowcombe Heathfield Station. West Somerset Railway. Bobby & Bertie.

Second Tilley. West Somerset Railway.

Bobby in Tilley 'at with Little Bobby.

Third Tilley. Luvverly. Bobby meets Bobby.

Bobby in Tilley 'at on Worthing Beach with Little Jay.

Third Tilley. Bobby and Little Jay. Worthing.

Old Waxed ‘at.

Old Waxed ‘at. National Trust bonfires.

Old Waxed ‘at.

Old Waxed ‘at. Seafishing, Folkestone (and getting seasick).

Old Waxed ‘at.

Old Waxed ‘at Skomer Island.

Diddley wearing a flat cap at the National Railway Museum in York.

Flat Cap (lost). Diddley at the National Railway Museum York.

Baseball Cap.

Hate Baseball Caps… Especially on old men. Painting ‘at.

Arizona Baseball Cap.

Present from Arizona. Thanks Chris and Angie.

Black Baseball Cap with silver RR logo on it.

Posh Cap. RR freebie. Never worn it. ‘Ate baseball caps.

Bertie wearing an 'at and packed in the rucksack!

Fantastic. Three days after Mindfully Bertie was born we are off on a train to Europe.

Bertie wearing a cap and sun glasses in the window of a French hotel.

To Paris. Ooh la la.

Bertie reclining in Schliersee Bavaria, looking across a lake wearing his Tilley 'at.

To Schliersee Bavaria. Lovely day on the BOB train.

Austria: For bears.

To Lammersdorf. Millstatter am see, Carinthia , Austria. Loved it there.

Bertie in Venice wearing his "Venezia" Captain's Cap.

To glorious Venice. We couldn’t believe we were there. By train.

Bertie wearing a "Red Arrows" Cap.

Red Arrows. Oh how we missed them in 2020.

Bertie wearing his Steam Engine driver's 'at.

Engine driver. Bluebell Railway. We miss you.

Bertie wearing his Sutton United Beanie 'at and scarf.

Sutton United. Up the U’s.

Close up of Bertie, wearing his Sutton United scarf and a hat, sat on the vintage hat stall in Spitalsfield Market.

Spitalfields Market . Last day in London March 2020. We miss London.

‘At Par Excellence

There was only one ‘at that was ever going to win this prestigious award. The ‘at stuck on his bonce at this very moment. The one he wears to bed, forgetting he has it on. The one he has left behind three times on trains, but has been handed it back before he got off. It’s looking a bit Fred Dibnah, without the engine oil and soot. A bit threadbare. A bit in need of TLC. It even holds a dark secret… But the ‘At Par Excellence is this one…

Sutton United. David, Andrew and Bobby… and 'At Par Excellence.

Sutton United. David, Andrew and Bobby… and ‘At Par Excellence.

Label of Bobby's Authentic Yorkshire Tweed Cap by Moon. Woven in England exclusively for Marks & Spencer.

“’At Par Excellence”
Yorkshire Tweed. Woven in England. Exclusively for Marks and Spencer.
Rule Britannia, Jerusalem, Yorkshire Tea. Kate Rusby. Whitby. By eck… what an ‘at.

Close up of the label in Bobby's 'at par excellence that says "large head size".

But here is the dark secret, almost illegible now. I’ll leave you to find it… Bleeding cheek. It’s still his “’At Par Excellence”.


A bit like our last song which we love, but it’s really a song about a rat.

Lighting a Candle for Diddley

A candle lit for Diddley alongside an Oscar replica on Bobby's favourite cap.

and the Oscar for ‘At Par Excellence goes to Bobby’s old friend.



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